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Czech is classified as a Western Slavic Language spoken by over 12 million people. 10 million of those live in the Czech Republic. It shares similarities with other Slavic languages like Polish and Russian. It also has Latin and Greek influences too. Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic and can be understood by Slovak speakers. It is also one of the official languages of the European Union but is considered a minority language in Europe.

Czech used to be known as Bohemian. Bohemia is a region in the country.

Czech Origins
One of the reasons why Czech was once called Bohemian is because it is thought that it originated in that area of the Czech Republic around the 9th century. One of the language’s earliest records referred to it as Proto-Czech.
Language of Administration
Czech began to spread beyond Bohemia after the 9th century because it was considered the language of administration. It started to appear in texts that covered law religious texts and writing. Prior to its spread, Czech was a relatively isolated language without a lot of outside influence so it remained comprehensive and unchained for a long period of time.
Words, Dialect, and Vowels
There are four different Czech Dialects that are present in different parts of the country. Common Czech is the most prevalently spoken, particularly in Bohemia. A lot of words in Czech contain no vowels at all. It’s possible for whole sentences to be composed without them. Words without vowels make Czech a tough language for people to learn.