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Gaulish is an ancient language that was spoken along with other languages like Latin and Greek. It was not an Italic language but rather a Celtic one that also includes Gaelic, Welsh and Irish. It was spoken in Gaul which is now modern-day France. It’s a continental Celtic language that is similar to those spoken in places like Iberia and Central Europe. Most insights about the Gaulish language come from observations made by classical authors and through Gaulish inscriptions.

The longest inscription is the Coligny calendar found in eastern France in 1897. It is preserved in two bronze tablets. It’s a lunar calendar with months that are 29 days long. Other inscriptions could be found on coins, memorials, and dedications to gods.
Similarities with Latin
Gaulish is similar to Latin in terms of the way that some words are structured. But there are some words for which there is no equal in Latin because they were not necessarily common in Rome. Examples include “sapo” or “soap”, “cervesia” or beer, and “ tunna” or “barrel” Despite some differences in vocabulary, Gaulish language’s similarities to Latin contributed to its disappearance as a language.
French Gaulish
French is based on Frankish and Latin but it could have very well been based on Gaulish too. Had Latin been a much harder language for Gauls to learn, they could have influenced this romance language. But Gaul became overrun by Germanic Franks during the late Empire and by then Gaulish was on its way out as a language.