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What is Tok Pisin?
Tok Pisin is one of the three national languages of Papua New Guinea. It is a form of Melanesian Pidgin English that was developed in the early 1800's as a result of increased travel and economic activity between the Melanesians and Europeans, and is still used today as one of the most dominant and universal languages in the country of Papua New Guinea. In a country that is said to have over over 800 languages still in existence, Tok Pisin is and integral part of communication for almost all native citizens. Please continue to learn more about the language and contribute to the knowledge base for others to enjoy!
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Are you interested in learning about Tok Pisin? Are you a Tok Pisin speaker? Are you from PNG? The forums are for anyone to ask questions, share knowledge, and to learn more about the wonderful country of PNG and Tok Pisin. Sorry, currently not available. The Tok Pisin Wiki is meant to be reference material that anyone can help build. If you have information that you think is valuable and would like to share it with the world, please do so! Anything related to Tok Pisin or Papua New Guinea is welcome. Sorry, currently not available. Do you have additional vocabulary that is not already included in the dictionary? This is the largest Tok Pisin dictionary/translator on the web, but there are many words still missing - please help build this resource for everyone to use! Submit Tok Pisin vocabulary

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