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Tok Pisin:English:
abababa bubble gum
abrus long; longwe liklik long apart from
abrusim avoid
abrusim pass, overtake
abrusim ka overtake a car
abus animal
abus game, meat
abus garnish
abus meat
abus side-dish
adres address
adresim address (letter)
ai eve
ai bilong front of, in
ai i hevi, ai x slip sleepy
ai i raun dizzy
aiglas spectacles
ailan island
ailan Manam Manam Island
ain; ainim, ainim klos iron
ainim press (clothes)
aipas blind
ais ice
ais snow
aisblok iceblock
aiskrim ice-cream
akis axe
akselareta accelerator
alta, tebol tambu altar
amamas, hamamas happy
ambrela umbrella
ami army
ananas, painap pineapple
ananit bottom
ananit under, underneath
ananit bilong lek sole of foot
anien onion
anka anchor
ansa result
ansaim, bekim tok answer
antap high
antap summit
antap up
antap upstairs
antap long above
antap long on
antap long on top of
antapim increase (price)
apim (pe) raise, increase
apinun afternoon
apinun evening (early
apinun good afternoon
arasait far side
arasait opposite
arasait other side, opposite side
arere border
arere edge
arere next to, beside
arere bilong kantri frontier
arere long beside
arse gras bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside (Highlands)
arse tanket bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside
as anus
as base, basis
as buttock
as cause
as origin
as posterior part
asde yesterday
askim ask
asples bilong gavman seat of government
asples bilong mi home town, my
asua, hevi difficulty
asua; rong fault
ating either/or
ating I think (so)
ating probably
ating seems
ating, nating perhaps
aua hour
ausait outside
Austrelia Australia
autbotmota outboard motor
autim cross out
autim speak out, divulge
autim long wok sack, dismiss
aven oven