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pai pie
paia fire
paiawut firewood
pailat pilot
pain - pen pain
painim look for
painim aut find out
painim pinis find
painimautim discover
paip pipe
pairitrum pyrethrum
pait fight (vb)
pait war
paitim beat, beat up
paitim hit
paitim belo ring the bell
paitim dua knock at door
palai goanna
palai lizard
palamen parliament
pamkin pumpkin
pamuk meri harlot
panggal frond
paniman funnyman, clown
papa daddy
papa father
papai mushroom
papamama parents
pas stuck
pas bilong ol kaikai menu
pas, leta letter
pasim close
pasim fasten
pasim put on (clothing)
pasim shut
pasim strap
pasim bel take contraceptives
pasim kar park (car) (vb)
pasim let fasten seatbelt
pasim sua bandage a wound
pasim tingting decide
pasin behaviour, manner
pasin custom (way)
pasin binua hostility
pasin birua hatred
pasin birua ill-will
pasindia bludger
pasindia guest
pasindia passenger
pasis harbour (n)
paspas band
paspas bilong bel stomach band, belt
paspas bilong han arm band
paspas bilong lek leg
paspot passport
pastaim first, firstly
pat part
pater priest
pati party
pato duck
paulim interfere
paura powder
paus suitcase
pawa power
pawa strength, force, power
payback compensation paid for a wrongdoing, but in reprisal more than revenge
pe pay (n)
pe wages
pede payday
peim dua pay admission
pekato sin
pekpek defecate
pekpek blut dysentery
pekpek wara diarrhea
pelim, no inap mekim fail
pemit permit, license
pen hurt
pen pen
pen bilong maus lipstick
pen bolpoin or biro ballpoint
pen, penim paint
pensil pencil
pepa paper
pepa bilong raitim leta notepaper
pepa pekpek toilet paper
pepa, daka pepper
pes, pes olgeta face
piak, kapupu flatulate, fart
piemvi PMV
pik pig
pik, abus pik pork
pike chewing gum
pikinini baby
pikinini child
pikinini bilong diwai; prut fruit
pikinini bilong rot illegitimate child
pikinini bilong sipsip lamb
pikinini diwai oliv olives
pikinini i dring susu yet baby not yet weaned
pikinini man (bilong em) son
pikinini meri (bilong em) daughter
piksa film (movie show)
piksa picture
pikus tri fig tree
pilai sport
pilai, pilaim play
pilaim gita, piano play guitar, piano
pilim touch
pilo cushion
pilo pillow
pilta filter
pilum film (camera)
pin pin
pin bilong nus nose pin
pinga finger
pinga bilong fut/lek toe
pinis tru finally
pinis, pinisim finish
pipia scraps
pipia, rabis rubbish
pis fish
pisin bird
pisin totem, clan
pispis urinate
pitpit sugarcane
plai flies (bird)
plai fly (vb)
plais pliers
plang bilong pait shield
planim bury
planim plant
plantesen, plantesin plantation
planti lot, a
planti many
planti much
Planti plenty
planti man na meri crowd
plasta adhesive/sticking plaster
plastik plastic
plaua flour
plaua flower
plaua bilong kakaruk comb of chicken/rooster
ples balus, epot airport
ples bilong hait shelter (n)
ples bilong klaut, heven sky
ples bilong wetim tren platform (railway)
ples i go daun, ples daun valley
ples kanaka native village
ples klia clearing
ples kunai field
ples kunai grassy patch
ples lukluk view (outlook)
ples malomalo muddy place
ples nating, ples klia empty space
ples nogut bad place
ples nogut, i gat samting nogut dangerous place
ples tambu forbidden place
ples waswas, rum bilong waswas bathroom
ples wesan desert (n)
ples wokabaut pedestrian crossing
ples wokabaut insait long haus corridor, hallway
ples, viles village
plet plate
plis please
plo storey (floor)
plua, purpur floor
PMV public transport
poisen poison
pok fork
Police Motu early colonial lingua franca, derived from the Motu language
polis police
polis stesin police station
polis stesin station (police)
polisim polish
polisman policeman
politisen politician
popo pawpaw, papaya
poret forwards
poro, poroman acquaintance
poro, poroman, pren, wantok friend
pos post
pos opis, posopis, haus pos post office
poskat postcard
poteto, patete potato
potnait pay week
poto photograph (n)
Prai Minista Prime Minister
praim fry
praimeri skul primary school
praipan frying pan
prairais fried rice
prais, pe price
praut (provisional) proud
presen present (gift)
presiden president
pret afraid
pret frightened
pretman, man bilong pret coward
profet prophet
promisim promise
provins province
prut det dates
pukpuk crocodile
pul bilong kanu canoe paddle
pul bilong pis fin of fish
pul bilong trausel turtle's flipper
pul long kanu paddle (canoe)
pul long kanu row, paddle
pulap full, full up
pulap occupied
pulap replete
pulapim fill
pulim seduce
pulim nus snore
pulim smok draw on a smoke
pulim win breathe
pulim, goapim rape
pulim, pulim . . . i kam pull
pundaun fall down
purpur, sket woman's
pusi cat
putim put
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