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gaden garden
gaden bilas park (n)
galen gallon
galip nuts
gamtri, kamarere eucalyptus tree, gum tree
garamut slitgong
gat have
gat got
gat dinau owe
gavman government
gel, meri girl
gen again
giabokis gearbox
giaman false
giaman joke
giaman lie (n)
giamanim lie to
giamanim tell lies to, fool
giram gram
givim give
givim kis kiss (vb)
givim stori, ripotim report
glaman kid, joke
glas glass (container)
glas glass (substance)
glas bilong kapten binoculars
glas bilong lukluk mirror
glasim take temperature
go go
go antap ascend
go antap go up
go antap rise
go bek, kambek, kam bek return
go daun go down
go long hap long cross (vb)
go long skul go to school
go lukim visit
go pas long lead (vb)
God, Got God
godaun tru deep
gohet go ahead
gol gold
golo, lam globe, bulb
gorgor, kawawar ginger
gras fur
gras grass
gras bilong ai eyebrow, eyelash
gras bilong dok fur (of dog)
gras bilong pisin feather
gras bilong sipsip wool
gras nogut weed(s)
gras usket, mausgras beard
gras, gras bilong het hair
graun earth
graun ground
graun world
graun, graun malomalo, graun bilong wokim sospen clay
gre grey
grile, skin pukpuk ringworm
grile, skin pukpuk tinea
grileglas frosted glass
grin, grinpela green
gris fat
gris ointment
gris bilong bulmakau dripping
gris bilong pik lard
gro grow
guava, yambo guava
gude, yu stap good day
gumi inner tube
gumi bilong kok condom, contraceptive for males
guria earthquake
gut kind (friendly)
gut well (adv)
gut moa comfortable
gut nait good night
gut tumas great
gut, gutpela good
gutpela taim peace
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