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T-siot T-shirt
taia i plat flat (tyre/tire)
taia i plat puncture
taia, taia stret tyre
taim time
taim weather (n)
taim bilong kaikai meal time
taim bilong kol cold season (winter)
taim bilong malolo, wiken free time
taim bilong ren rainy season
taim bilong ren wet season
taim bilong san dry season
taim bilong san hot season (summer)
taim long san daytime
taimtebol timetable
taipim type
taipis typist
taipraita typewriter
tais swamp
tait tide
tait i slek low tide
taitim tighten
taitim bun exert oneself
takim ordered
takis tax
taksi taxi
talatala preacher
tambu affines
tambu in-laws
tambu long olgeta private
tambu, holi holy
tambuim prohibit
tamiok tomahawk
tang tongue
tanget cordyline plant
tanim turn
tanim mani change money (from one currency to another)
tanim skru sprain
tanim smok roll a smoke
tanim stia turn steering wheel
tanim tingting, tanim bel convert
tanim tok ples translate
tantanim turn round
tapa beaten dark cloth
tapiok, kasara tapioca
tarangu miserable
tarangu unfortunate(ly)
taro taro
tasol but
tasol however
tasol just
tasol only
tasol i na gat except
taua tower
taul towel
taun town
taunam mosquito net
tebol table
tede, tude today
tee ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Enga)
tekewe take away
tel tail
telepon, telipon telephone
ten, tenpela ten
tenkyu thank you
tep tape (recording)
teprikoda tape-recorder
ti tea (in liquid form)
tiket ticket
tiket ofis ticket-office
tiktik reeds
tiktik wild sugarcane
tin can, tin
tin tin
tin pipia rubbish tin
ting, tingting think
tingim . . . wonder
tingting opinion
tingting thoughts
tinmit tinned meat
tinpis tinned fish
tipot teapot
tisa teacher
tit teeth
tit tooth
tit i pen toothache
toea toea (monetary unit 1/100 Kina)
tok message
tok say
tok word
tok baksait gossip about
tok bilas ridicule
tok bilong bipo yet fable, myth
tok bilong bipo yet myth
tok bilong ol tumbuna tradition of ancestors
tok bokis secret language, parable
tok grisim flatter
tok gude greet
tok gumi tall tale
tok hait secret
tok insait conscience
tok pait controversy
tok pait dispute
tok pisin Pidgin language
tok ples local language
tok ples local language, first language
tok tru speak the truth
tok tru truth
tok, toktok talk
tokautim sin confess
tokim tell
toksave advertisement
toksave information
toksave notice
toksave, tok save long explain
toktok conversation
toktok long talk about
toktok wantaim converse with
tokwin rumour
Tolai tribe which inhabits East New Britain's Gazelle Peninsula
tomato tomatoe(s)
tos; tostim (bret) toast
trabel, trabol trouble
trabelman troublemaker
traiim taste (vb)
traim attempt
traim practise
traim tempt
traim try, try on
traipela large
traipela, patpela fat, large
trak truck
trausis trousers
traut vomit
tren railway
tren train
tren stesin station (railway)
trench - baret drain, trench
tret thread (n)
tri, tripela three
Trinde Wednesday
tromoi throw
tromoim pay out, get rid of
trosel, trausel turtle
tru really
tru true
tru, tumas, mo mo y very much
truck, dump-truck - tipa tip-truck, dump-truck
tu also
tu, tupela two
tubel doubt
tubel, tumaus, man i gat tupela maus hypocrite
tudak dark (colour)
tudak dark (no light)
tudak darkness
tuhat sweat
tulait light (gas)
tulait very bright
tultul consul
tumas, mo, tru extremely
tumas, mo, tru very
tumas, tu too
tumbuan feather draped ceremonial body mask
tumbuna ancestors
tumbuna grandparent(s)
tumora tomorrow
tunait tonight
Tunde Tuesday
tupela both
tupela marit married couple
tupela su both shoes
tupela taim twice
tuptup cover, lid of something
turis, kam man tourist
turnim het courting ceremony involving rubbing faces together
twenti twenty
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