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laik want
laikim lime spatula
laikim love
lain group
lain learn about
lain line
lain queue
lain bilong Jisas disciples
lain, famili family
lainim learn
lainim study (vb)
laipman living person
laisens, pemit licence
lait bright
lait light
laita lighter (cigarette)
laka? isn't it?
laki lucky (card game)
lam lamp
lam bensin pressure lamp
lang fly (insect)
lap laugh
laplap cloth
laplap laplap
laplap loincloth
laplap sarong or wraparound
laplap bilong alta altar cloth
laplap bilong bet, bet sit, bet laplap sheet
laplap bilong windo curtain
lapun old man
lapun; olpela old
larim allow
larim give up
larim leave behind
larim let, allow
larim permit (vb)
lata, step stairs
lata, step steps
laulau Malay apple
laus louse
legoim brek release the brake
lek leg band
lek (bilong pik) hind leg (of Pig)
lek antap leg, upper
lek bilong pik ham
lek daunbilo, lek tamblo leg, lower
lek, fut foot
lektrik electric
les, skin i les/slek, bun i slek tired
les, skin i les/slek, bun i slek weary
lesbaga loafer, lazy man
let bilong karapela fan belt
let, paspas bilong bel belt
leta pas aerogramme
letabokis post-box
letis lettuce
lewa liver
likim lick
liklik little
liklik quite (long)
liklik rather
liklik small
liklik bas minibus
liklik kaikai or belo lunch
liklik mun planet
liklik rat mouse
liklik rot, hanrot track
liklik tru least, at
limbum, limbung areca palm
limonad, muliwara, loliwara lemonade
lip, lip bilong diwai leaf money from Milne Bay province
lipt elevator
lipti tea leaves
liptimupim lift (vb)
lita litre
litimapim em yet boastful, proud
liva intestines
lo law
loia, loya, loman, saveman long lo lawyer
lok lock (n)
lokim lock (vb)
lokim dua lock door
loli lolly, candy
loliwara softdrink
loloi rolls of shell money strung on lengths of cane
lon loan
long along
long at
long because of
long for
long tall
long than
long to
long bek backwards
long halivim instead of
long hap there
long namel long through
long olgeta ples everywhere
long sampela hap somewhere
long taim bilong during
long, longpela long
longlong, het i pas mad
longlong, het i pas stupid
longlong; waia i lus crazy
longlongman mad person
longpela long (size)
longpela bilong em height
longpela long olgeta longest of all
longpela mo longest
longpela olsem as long as
longpela taim long (time), long ago
longpela winim olgeta look
longsok(s) long walk sock(s)
longwe far
lotu religion, worship
lotu, haus lotu, sios church
lotuim, beten worship (God)
luk, lukluk look after
lukaut long careful of, be
lukaut! look out!
lukautim look-alike
lukim see
lukim yu see you (bye)
lukim yu behain goodbye, bye, see you later
lukstilman, man bilong luklukstil peeping Tom
luluai chief
lus lost
lus, slek loose
lusim abandon
lusim desert (vb)
lusim leave (place)
lusim lose
lusim set free
lusim spend
lusim dua unlock door
lusim, lusim tingting forget
lusim, lusim tingting long forgive
luteran Lutheran
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