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Papua New Guinea is home to many unique arts and crafts. From the traditional bilum, to hand baskets and meri blouses, there are elements of modern fashion and traditional dress that appeals to fashionistas and anthropologists alike. We will continue to build this page out to provide examples of Papua New Guinea art. We may also provide links to other art resources that we find interesting - enjoy!
Tribal Art - Tribal art examples from PNG
Handmade Jewelry - handmade and handcrafted jewelry, not all products related to PNG, but occassionally they offer PNG-inspired handcrafted pieces of art.
Bilas - PNG traditional jewelry
Basket hooks - Unique to each village in PNG!
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Are you interested in learning about Tok Pisin? Are you a Tok Pisin speaker? Are you from PNG? The forums are for anyone to ask questions, share knowledge, and to learn more about the wonderful country of PNG and Tok Pisin. Tok Pisin Forums The Tok Pisin Wiki is meant to be reference material that anyone can help build. If you have information that you think is valuable and would like to share it with the world, please do so! Anything related to Tok Pisin or Papua New Guinea is welcome. Tok Pisin Wiki Do you have additional vocabulary that is not already included in the dictionary? This is the largest Tok Pisin dictionary/translator on the web, but there are many words still missing - please help build this resource for everyone to use! Submit Tok Pisin vocabulary

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