The English term "at" matches the Tokpisin term "long"

other english words that include "at" : tokpisin :
about, approximately samting
accelerator akselareta
approximately samting, samting olsem
attempt traim
aunt, paternal bikmama, smolmama, kandere
bathe waswas
bathroom ples waswas, rum bilong waswas
battery bateri
beat, beat up paitim
beaten dark cloth tapa
blood relative wanblut
blow out a match mekim i masis
boat bot
boat's crew boskru
breath win
breathe pulim win
cat pusi
catch a bus baim bas
catch fish hukim pis
catfish mausgras
Catholic Katolik
cattle bulmakau, kau
celebrate Mass mekim Misa
chatter sikirapim tok
chips (Potato) sips
chocolate soklet
chocolate (candy) braunpela loli
circulatory system rot bilong blut
coat kot
cockatoo koki
coconut milk, coconut water wara bilong kokonas
compensation paid for a wrongdoing, but in reprisal more than revenge payback
constipated bel i pas
conversation toktok
country (nation) kantri
dates prut det
decorate bilasim
decorated armlets made from cone shells used for trade in the Kula Ring islands mwala
decoration bilas
defecate pekpek
denigrate, make fun of rabisim
duty (obligation) wok
eat kaikaim
educate edukeitim
elevator lipt
epsom salts, laxative solmarasin
evening (late) nait
fasten seatbelt pasim let
fat gris
fat (for greasing body) , oil fatwel
fat, large traipela, patpela
father papa
feather gras bilong pisin
feather draped ceremonial body mask tumbuan
first rate nambawan
flat stret
flat (of battery) kol pinis
flat (tyre/tire) taia i plat
flatter tok grisim
flatulate, fart piak, kapupu
fornicate sikrapim bel bilong
game, meat abus
gnat natnat
goat meme, me
grassy patch ples kunai
great! fantastic!; literally 'him now!' em nau!
harvest (sweet potato) kamautim (kaukau)
hat hat
hate no laikim tru, hetim
hatred pasin birua
heat hotim
heathen hiden
house/flat mate wanhaus
ice chest, refrigerator bokis ais
illegitimate child pikinini bilong rot
imitate bihainim
immediately stret nau
indigenous people of the Port Moresby area; language spoken by these people; one of the three nation motu
information toksave
knock at door paitim dua
late (behind time) later bihaintaim or taim i lus
later on bihain
laxative solmarasin
least, at liklik tru
leather shoes su let
lime spatula laikim
look at wanpes
magistrate majestret
matches masis
matches are wet, won't light masis i kol
mate, close friend wantok
meat abus
menstruating mun i kilim, i lukim meri
messmate wansospen, wantebol
narrative carving done on a wooden board story board
native village ples kanaka
natural samting tru
nauseated bel i tantanim
nice, attractive naispela
not at all no . . . Tasol
out of breath sotwin
overcoat kotren
overseer on plantation bosboi
paternal smolpapa
patient sikman, sikmeri
plantation plantesen, plantesin
plate plet
platform (railway) ples bilong wetim tren
playmate wanpilai
police station polis stesin
potato poteto, patete
potato, sweet potato kaukau
potato, wild sweet potato kumu
private tambu long olgeta
quotation, statement hap tok
radiator redieita
raincoat kotren, kot ren
rat rat
rather liklik
rattle ratol
refrigerator bokis ais
repeat mekim gen
saltmeat mit, solmit
Saturday Sarere
schoolmate wanskul
seat sit, sea, sia
seat of government asples bilong gavman
service station sevis stesin
shoot at/with sut long
soda-water sodawara
spiny anteater echidna
squatter dripman, welman
station (government) stesin
station (police) polis stesin
station (railway) tren stesin
strike a match slekim masis
sweat tuhat
sweatshirt kolsinglis
sweet potato kaukau
take temperature glasim
talkative person man bilong toktok
temperature makim hat o kol
terrible, tenth rate nambaten
that olsem, dispela
that's all em tasol
theatre haus piksa
then (at that time) dispela taim
throat nek
tinned meat tinmit
tomato sauce retsos, retpela sos
tomatoe(s) tomato
trade boat or dinghy banana boat
translate tanim tok ples
turn (boat) bautim
uncle, maternal kandere
under, underneath ananit
unfortunate(ly) tarangu
urinate pispis
veranda, patio veranda
wash, bathe waswas
watch (n) hanwas, klok
water wara
water pipe mambu bilong wara
weather (n) taim
weed found in many waterways salvinia
what wanem
what are you doing? yu mekim wanem?
what for? bilong wanem?
white adult male (term originated in colonial times) masta
goodbye, bye, see you later lukim yu behain
great gut tumas
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