The Tokpisin term "meme, me" matches the English term "goat"

other tokpisin words that include "meme" : english :
memeim pound
meme pulp
memeim pulverize
other tokpisin words that include "me" : english :
mel long balus air mail
namel long among
mekim i masis blow out a match
brukim namel break in halves, divide in two
kamera camera
mekim Misa celebrate Mass
simen cement
simen concrete
i mekim isi convenient
planti man na meri crowd
pikinini meri (bilong em) daughter
daimen diamond
mekim do
klos meri dress (woman,s)
pelim, no inap mekim fail
meri female
bokis, kan, sem bilong meri female genitals
i no gat man o meri free (vacant)
OPM, Organisasi Papua Merdeka Free West Papua movement
bokis, kan, sem (bilong meri) ; bol, kok (bilong man) genitals
Jemeni Germany
gel, meri girl
pamuk meri harlot
hevim seks, wantaim meri, pilai wantaim meri, sutim meri, goapim meri, paulim meri have sexual intercourse with a woman
Haus Palamen House of Parliament
namel long in the middle of
save mekim/wokim know how to (do something)
mekim poisen long make magic against
menaga manager
maritman/meri married man/woman
me may
mekenik mechanic
melen melon
manmeri , pipel men & women
mun i kilim, i lukim meri menstruating
namel middle
haus lotu bilong ol mahomet mosque
kamera piksa movie camera
mekim ofa offer
kolim bel, mekim bel i kol pacify
palamen parliament
sikman, sikmeri patient
manmeri, pipel people
man, meri person
mekim long pinga long point out
memeim pound
praimeri skul primary school
bilong olgeta man na meri public
meme pulp
memeim pulverize
kwait, i no gat nois, no ken mekim nois quiet, quietly
mekim gen repeat
hausboi, hausmeri servant
wanpela man no meri somebody
long namel long through
haus pekpek meri toilet (women)
sop i gat smel toilet soap
yu mekim wanem? what are you doing?
meri wife
meri woman
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