The English term "trade boat or dinghy" matches the Tokpisin term "banana boat"

other english words that include "boat" : tokpisin :
boat bot
boat's crew boskru
turn (boat) bautim
other english words that include "or" : tokpisin :
abort, have abortion rausim bel, kilim pikinini long bel
accelerator akselareta
airport ples balus, epot
all sorts of kainkain
ancestors tumbuna
anchor anka
another one (more) narapela
arrow or spear, barbed supia I gat huk
bachelor house (Trobriand Islands) bukumatula
before bipo
before (time) bipo long taim
border arere
born mama i karim
borrow dinau
break word brukim promis/tok
call (something or someone) singautim
carburetor kabureta
castor oil kaswel
change (transport) senisim
circulatory system rot bilong blut
comfortable gut moa
compensation paid for a wrongdoing, but in reprisal more than revenge payback
condom, contraceptive for males gumi bilong kok
contraceptive for females samting bilong pasim bel
cordyline plant tanget
corkscrew skru tuptup
corn kon
corned beef solmit, mit
corner kona
correct stret, stretpela
corridor, hallway ples wokabaut insait long haus
councillor kaunsila
dance and/or sing singsing
day after tomorrow haptumora
day before yesterday hapasde
decorate bilasim
decorated armlets made from cone shells used for trade in the Kula Ring islands mwala
decoration bilas
divorce katim marit
doctor dokta
door dua
either/or ating
elevator lipt
enormous bikpela tru
example, for wankain olsem
fat (for greasing body) , oil fatwel
fellow worker wanwok
floor plua, purpur
for long
for no reason nating
forbidden i tambu
forbidden place ples tambu
forearm, lower arm han tambolo, han daunbilo
foreign bilong longwe ples
foreleg (of pig)) han (bilong pik)
forest bus
forget lusim, lusim tingting
forget about, ignore maski
forgive lusim, lusim tingting long
fork pok
former bipo
formerly bipo
fornicate sikrapim bel bilong
fortnight fotnait
forwards poret
good morning moning
good worker man bilong wok
heal (of sore) drai
horn hon
hornbill bird kokomo
horse hos
ice chest, refrigerator bokis ais
important i bikpela samting
important man; leader bigman
in order to bilong
indigenous people of the Port Moresby area; language spoken by these people; one of the three nation motu
information toksave
kind, sort kain
knock at door paitim dua
lock door lokim dua
look for painim
man's bark type or G-string mal
medical assistant, doctor dokta
mirror glas bilong lukluk
more mo
morning moningtaim
motor-bike motobaik
north not
once more wanpela taim mo
or no
orange switmuli
order oda, odaim
ordered takim
ordinary nating
origin as
outboard motor autbotmota
passport paspot
pay for baim
platform (railway) ples bilong wetim tren
play flute or pipe winim mambu
poor (needy) nogat moni
poor man rabisman
pork pik, abus pik
porter kagoboi
portion out dilim
posterior part as
practice of making totemic figures (also called malangans) to honor the dead malangan, malagan
public transport PMV
radiator redieita
razor resa
record (n) rekot
record (vb) a song katim singsing long teprikoda
red shell necklace used for trade in the kula ring islands bagi
refrigerator bokis ais
religion, worship lotu
report givim stori, ripotim
ringworm grile, skin pukpuk
sailor(s) boskru
sarong or wraparound laplap
scissors sisis
short sot, sotpela
shorthand sothan
shorts sotpela trausis
snore pulim nus
sorcery sanguma, puripuri
sore sua
sore has pus in it sua i gat susu
sorry sori, sore
sort, kind kain
sport pilai
stevedore wok sip
store stua, stoa
storekeeper stuakipa
storey (floor) plo
story stori
strength, force, power pawa
stubborn, conceited bikhet
support sapotim
supporter sapota
surveyor masta mak
sword grass kunai
tailor (n) man bilong samapim klos
tape (recording) tep
tape-recorder teprikoda
tea (in liquid form) ti
to be called or named ol i kolim
tomorrow tumora
torch, headlamps sutlam
tradition of ancestors tok bilong ol tumbuna
unfortunate(ly) tarangu
unlock door lusim dua
videorecorder vidiorikoda
volcanic fiord ria
wait for wetim
warrior man bilong pait
what for? bilong wanem?
white adult male (term originated in colonial times) masta
word tok
work for board and keep wok kaikai
work hard hatwok
work, job wok
workday de bilong wok
worker, workman wokman
workshop woksop
world graun
worn out bagarap
worry, worries wari
worse moa nogut
worship (God) lotuim, beten
worst nambawan nogut
worth kastim
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