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wailimbung,wailimbum black palm
wailis radio
wailis telegram
wailis wireless
wain wine
waipa windscreen wipers
wait, waitpela white
waitman white man, European
wan handet hundred
wan wan or lik lik few
wan, wanpela one
wanbel agreement
wanblut blood relative
wanem what
wanem which
wanhaus house/flat mate
wankain equal
wankain same
wankain similar
wankain olsem example, for
wanlain person of same (age, social) group
wanlotu person of same religion
wannem namesake
wanpela a, an
wanpela man no meri somebody
wanpela narapela each other
wanpela sait long su, wanpela su one shoe
wanpela samting something
wanpela taim once
wanpela taim mo once more
wanpela tasol alone
wanpela wanpela each
wanpela wanpela taim now and then
wanpela wanpela taim occasionally
wanpes look at
wanpilai playmate
wanples person from same village
wanskul schoolmate
wansospen, wantebol messmate
wantaim together
wantaim with
wantok mate, close friend
wanwe one way
wanwok fellow worker
wanwokabaut traveling companion
wara river
wara water
wara bilong kokonas coconut milk, coconut water
wara Sepik, riva Sepik Sepik River
wari problems
wari worry, worries
wasim wash
wasim, baptaisim baptize
waswas bathe
waswas shower (n)
waswas wash, bathe
wataim or wanem taim when
we, westap where
wel oil
wel limbum wild black palm
wel pik wild pig
wel, welim; gris, grisim grease
wel, welpela, wail, wailpela wild
welim, grisim oil (something)
welman, dripman wanderer
welpig bush Pig, wild pig
wes west
westim waste
wet nating wait in vain
weta waiter
wetim expect
wetim wait for
wetliva, lang lungs
wik week
wiken weekend
wil , taia wheel (with tyre on)
wilwil bicycle
win air (n)
win breath
win wind
win masin air conditioner
windo window
winim be better than
winim blow
winim win
winim bugol blow bugle
winim kot acquitted
winim mambu play flute or pipe
winskrin windscreen
wok duty (obligation)
wok work, job
wok kaikai work for board and keep
wok long busy (doing something)
wok sip stevedore
wokabaut journey
wokabaut travel
wokabaut trip, tour
wokabaut walk (vb)
wokabaut long sip voyage (n)
wokim build (something)
wokim make
wokim glas i go antap wind up a window
wokim gut repair (vb)
wokim, paitim bret knead bread
wokman worker, workman
woksop workshop
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