The English term "now and then" matches the Tokpisin term "wanpela wanpela taim"

other english words that include "and" : tokpisin :
abandon lusim
and na
arm band paspas bilong han
bachelor house (Trobriand Islands) bukumatula
band paspas
bandage a wound pasim sua
bandicoot mumut
bows and arrows banaras
brothers and sisters bratasusa
bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside (Highlands) arse gras
candle kandel
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Highlands) moga
chocolate (candy) braunpela loli
courting ceremony involving crossing legs with a partner; literally 'carry leg' (Highlands) karim leg
dance and/or sing singsing
decorated armlets made from cone shells used for trade in the Kula Ring islands mwala
demand (vb) singaut long
grandparent(s) tumbuna
hand han
handbag hanpaus
handkerchief hankisip
highlands hallans, hailens
husband maritman
island ailan
left hand han kais, lep han, lephan
leg band lek
lolly, candy loli
long house (Highlands) haus lain
Manam Island ailan Manam
palm of hand insait long han
pandanus fruit marita
raise with block and tackle blokim
red shell necklace used for trade in the kula ring islands bagi
right (hand) raithan, han sut
ring of trading islands in Milne Bay province Kula Ring
salt and pepper sol na pepa
sandals sandal
sandwich sanwis
shake hands sekan
shorthand sothan
stand up, be erect sanap
stand up, erect (something) sanapim
stomach band, belt paspas bilong bel
understand save
veranda, patio veranda
wanderer welman, dripman
work for board and keep wok kaikai
you and I yumitupela
other english words that include "then" : tokpisin :
heathen hiden
then (at that time) dispela taim