The English term "person of same religion" matches the Tokpisin term "wanlotu"

other english words that include "of" : tokpisin :
agricultural officer didiman
all sorts of kainkain
because of long
Bird of Paradise kumul
bite off brukim/katim lo
branch of tree han bilong diwai
bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside arse tanket
bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside (Highlands) arse gras
calf of leg baksait bilong lek
captain (of a ship) kapten
careful of, be lukaut long
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Enga) tee
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Highlands) moga
coffee kopi
comb of chicken/rooster plaua bilong kakaruk
control, be in charge of bosim
cover, lid of something tuptup
covet, be jealous of mangalim
crew of plane/ship boskru bilong balus/sip
crown of tree het bilong diwai
cup of tea kapti
day off de bilong malolo
dead of night biknait
denigrate, make fun of rabisim
fin of fish pul bilong pis
flat (of battery) kol pinis
foreleg (of pig)) han (bilong pik)
front of, in ai bilong
fur (of dog) gras bilong dok
get rid of, throw away rausim, autim
ghost (of dead person) dewel bilong man i dai
government officer kiap
heal (of sore) drai
hind leg (of Pig) lek (bilong pik)
House of Parliament Haus Palamen
in the middle of namel long
indigenous people of the Port Moresby area; language spoken by these people; one of the three nation motu
inside of insait long
instead of long halivim
loaf of bread bret
longest of all longpela long olgeta
nape of neck baksait bilong nek
nut (of bolt) nat
offer mekim ofa
office opis, ofis
officer ofisa
on top of antap long
out of breath sotwin
palm of hand insait long han
pay out, get rid of tromoim
persistent offender man i go i kam long kot
person of same (age, social) group wanlain
piece of bread hap bret
piece of scone hap skon
post office pos opis, posopis, haus pos
practice of making totemic figures (also called malangans) to honor the dead malangan, malagan
ring of trading islands in Milne Bay province Kula Ring
rolls of shell money strung on lengths of cane loloi
seat of government asples bilong gavman
sharp (of time), exactly stret
soft malmalum
softdrink loliwara
sole of foot ananit bilong lek
take off (plane) kirap
ticket-office tiket ofis
tradition of ancestors tok bilong ol tumbuna
various kinds of kainkain
wrong, offend rongim
year (of age) krismas
other english words that include "same" : tokpisin :
person from same village wanples
person of same (age, social) group wanlain
same wankain
other english words that include "religion" : tokpisin :
religion, worship lotu
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