The English term "a, an" matches the Tokpisin term "wanpela"

other english words that include "an" : tokpisin :
abandon lusim
acquaintance poro, poroman
aeroplane, airplane balus
airplane, aeroplane balus
ancestors tumbuna
anchor anka
and na
angel ensel
angry kros
angry with, be krosim
animal abus
annoy hambak
annoying person hambakman, sikibaga
annul a marriage katim maritnarakain
another one (different) narakain
another one (more) narapela
answer ansaim, bekim tok
antiseptic marasin bilong kilim jem, marasin bilong klinim sua
anus as
arm band paspas bilong han
baby not yet weaned pikinini i dring susu yet
bachelor house (Trobriand Islands) bukumatula
banana banana
band paspas
bandage a wound pasim sua
bandicoot mumut
bank beng
bank (n) haus mani
barman, bartender baman
be better than winim
beans bin, ol bin
behaviour, manner pasin
blanket blanket
bows and arrows banaras
branch of tree han bilong diwai
brothers and sisters bratasusa
bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside arse tanket
bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside (Highlands) arse gras
businessman man bisnis
can, could inap; ken
can, tin tin
candle kandel
cane kanda
canoe kanu
canoe paddle pul bilong kanu
canvas stretcher bet sel
carve (canoe) sapim
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Highlands) moga
chance sans
change (small money) senis
change (transport) senisim
change money (from notes to coins) senisim
change money (from one currency to another) tanim mani
chocolate (candy) braunpela loli
Christian kristen
clan bisnis, lain, famili
clean klin, klinpela
clean (vb) klinim
coastal man man bilong nambis
company (firm) kampani
compensation paid for a wrongdoing, but in reprisal more than revenge payback
cordyline plant tanget
courting ceremony involving crossing legs with a partner; literally 'carry leg' (Highlands) karim leg
crew of plane/ship boskru bilong balus/sip
cross, angry kros
dance (modern style) danis
dance and/or sing singsing
dangerous place ples nogut, i gat samting nogut
decorated armlets made from cone shells used for trade in the Kula Ring islands mwala
demand (vb) singaut long
dress (woman,s) klos meri
early colonial lingua franca, derived from the Motu language Police Motu
Europeans mastamisis, ol waitman
fan brum bilong winim pes
fan belt let bilong karapela
fly a plane ranim balus
free (vacant) i no gat man o meri
frying pan praipan
funnyman, clown paniman
Germany Jemeni
glass (substance) glas
goanna palai
grandparent(s) tumbuna
great! fantastic!; literally 'him now!' em nau!
hand han
handbag hanpaus
handkerchief hankisip
hang (something) up hangamapim
have an accident kisim asua, birua
have sexual intercourse with a woman hevim seks, wantaim meri, pilai wantaim meri, sutim meri, goapim meri, paulim meri
highlands hallans, hailens
how much/many hamas
husband maritman
important i bikpela samting
important man; leader bigman
indigenous people of the Port Moresby area; language spoken by these people; one of the three nation motu
island ailan
January Janueri
jet plane smokbalus
lance a boil katim buk
left hand han kais, lep han, lephan
leg band lek
loafer, lazy man lesbaga
loan lon
local language tok ples
local language, first language tok ples
lolly, candy loli
long house (Highlands) haus lain
longer than bipo tru
Lutheran luteran
man man
manager menaga
Manam Island ailan Manam
mango mango
man's bark type or G-string mal
many planti
marihuana, marijuana spak brus
married man/woman maritman/meri
mean min
means, (it) i min
mechanic mekenik
medical assistant, doctor dokta
now and then wanpela wanpela taim
nuisance hambakman
old man lapun
orange switmuli
overseer on plantation bosboi
paddle (canoe) pul long kanu
palm of hand insait long han
pandanus fruit marita
peanut kasang
pedestrian crossing ples wokabaut
Pidgin language tok pisin
planet liklik mun
plant planim
plantation plantesen, plantesin
play guitar, piano pilaim gita, piano
pleasant switpela
policeman polisman
politician politisen
poor man rabisman
practice of making totemic figures (also called malangans) to honor the dead malangan, malagan
pregnant i gat bel
public transport PMV
Qantas (airline) Kwantas
quantity hamas
raise with block and tackle blokim
red shell necklace used for trade in the kula ring islands bagi
right (hand) raithan, han sut
ring of trading islands in Milne Bay province Kula Ring
rolls of shell money strung on lengths of cane loloi
salt and pepper sol na pepa
sandals sandal
sandwich sanwis
saucepan sospen
secret language, parable tok bokis
servant hausboi, hausmeri
shake hands sekan
shorthand sothan
skirt, European type sket, siket
skite, con man bulsitman
spiny anteater echidna
stand up, be erect sanap
stand up, erect (something) sanapim
stomach band, belt paspas bilong bel
substance samting
sugarcane pitpit
sugarcane stik suga
take off (plane) kirap
than long
thank you tenkyu
totem, clan pisin
tradition of ancestors tok bilong ol tumbuna
translate tanim tok ples
traveling companion wanwokabaut
tree kangaroo sikau bilong antap
understand save
vagrant dripman, welman
veranda, patio veranda
volcanic fiord ria
wanderer welman, dripman
want laik
weed found in many waterways salvinia
white man, European waitman
wild sugarcane tiktik
woman meri
woman, wife (European) misis
woman's purpur, sket
work for board and keep wok kaikai
worker, workman wokman
you and I yumitupela
volcano volkeno
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