The Tokpisin term "tu" matches the English term "also"

other tokpisin words that include "tu" : english :
birua, tupela i bam, bagarap accident
klostu almost
tumbuna ancestors
samting tumbuna art
bukumatula bachelor house (Trobriand Islands)
tupela both
tupela su both shoes
lotu, haus lotu, sios church
man bilong lotu churchgoer
tultul consul
skru tuptup corkscrew
turnim het courting ceremony involving rubbing faces together
tuptup cover, lid of something
tudak dark (colour)
tudak dark (no light)
tudak darkness
haptumora day after tomorrow
tubel doubt
Police Motu early colonial lingua franca, derived from the Motu language
tumas, mo, tru extremely
tumbuan feather draped ceremonial body mask
tumbuna grandparent(s)
tubel, tumaus, man i gat tupela maus hypocrite
motu indigenous people of the Port Moresby area; language spoken by these people; one of the three nation
tulait light (gas)
tupela marit married couple
haus lotu bilong ol mahomet mosque
haus bilong tumbuna pasin museum
klosap, klostu, klostu long near, nearby
wanlotu person of same religion
lotu religion, worship
namba tu second
stua, stoa shop (n)
no longtaim, klosap, klostu, kwiktaim soon
i go daun tumas steep
stua, stoa store
stuakipa storekeeper
studen, sumatin student
santu suddenly
tuhat sweat
haus lotu temple
emtupela those (two)
tede, tude today
tumora tomorrow
tunait tonight
tumas, tu too
turis, kam man tourist
tok bilong ol tumbuna tradition of ancestors
Tunde Tuesday
tupela taim twice
tu, tupela two
tumas, mo, tru very
tulait very bright
tru, tumas, mo mo y very much
mitupela we (two excl)
yumitupela we (two incl
nais tumas wonderful
lotuim, beten worship (God)
yumitupela you (three)
yutupela you (two)
yumitupela you and I
gut tumas great
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