The English term "try, try on" matches the Tokpisin term "traim"

other english words that include "try" : tokpisin :
country (nation) kantri
countryside bus
pastry kek
other english words that include "on" : tokpisin :
abandon lusim
abort, have abortion rausim bel, kilim pikinini long bel
accuse (someone) sutim long tok
afternoon apinun
aggressive person man bilong pait
air conditioner win masin
alone wanpela tasol
along long
among namel long
annoying person hambakman, sikibaga
another one (different) narakain
another one (more) narapela
arrow, pronged supsup bilong banara
as long as longpela olsem
as soon as stret long taim
backbone bekbun
behave oneself stap isi , stap gut
bitter, strong em i pait
blind in one eye matakiau
bone bun
button baten
call (something or someone) singautim
call (telephone) ring long telipon
calm (person) belisi
carton katen
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Enga) tee
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Highlands) moga
change (small money) senis
change money (from notes to coins) senisim
change money (from one currency to another) tanim mani
cheeky person hambakman, sikibaga
clever person man bilong save
coconut kokonas
coconut cream susu o gris bilong kokonas
coconut frond bombom, bumbum
coconut milk, coconut water wara bilong kokonas
coconut shell sel bilong kokonas
cold season (winter) taim bilong kol
compensation paid for a wrongdoing, but in reprisal more than revenge payback
competition resis
conceal haitim
conceive (a child) kisim bel
concert singsing
concrete simen
condensed milk strongpela susu
condom, contraceptive for males gumi bilong kok
confess tokautim sin
confession konpesen
conscience tok insait
constipated bel i pas
consul tultul
contain holim . . . i stap
continue skruim . . . i go
contraceptive for females samting bilong pasim bel
control, be in charge of bosim
controversy tok pait
convenient i mekim isi
conversation toktok
converse with toktok wantaim
convert tanim tingting, tanim bel
cotton katen
cotton-wool kapuk, koten
country (nation) kantri
courting ceremony involving crossing legs with a partner; literally 'carry leg' (Highlands) karim leg
courting ceremony involving rubbing faces together turnim het
cushion pilo
dead person, the dead daiman
decorated armlets made from cone shells used for trade in the Kula Ring islands mwala
decoration bilas
diamond daimen
dictionary buk bilong painim mining
direction i makim rot
don't! nogat!
draw on a smoke pulim smok
dry season taim bilong san
duty (obligation) wok
early colonial lingua franca, derived from the Motu language Police Motu
enemy, opponent birua
exert oneself taitim bun
exhibition so
feather draped ceremonial body mask tumbuan
for no reason nating
fracture, broken bone bun i bruk
frond panggal
front fran
front of, in ai bilong
frontier arere bilong kantri
full moon raunpela mun, bikpela mun
gallon galen
get someone up from bed kirapim
ghost (of dead person) dewel bilong man i dai
glass (container) glas
glutton man bilong kaikai
go on! koan!
good afternoon apinun
green coconut - kulau kulau
honest stret, stretpela
honey hani
hot season (summer) taim bilong san
I alone mi wanpela
imprison kalabusim
indigenous people of the Port Moresby area; language spoken by these people; one of the three nation motu
indigenous person kanaka
industrious person man bilong wok
information toksave
injection sut
iron ain; ainim, ainim klos
kina (monetary unit 100 toea) kina
know (someone/something) save long
later on bihain
leaf money from Milne Bay province lip, lip bilong diwai
learned person man bilong save
lemon muli
lemonade limonad, muliwara, loliwara
lime juice, lemon drink kambang
lime, lemon stik kambang
living person laipman
lock up, imprison kalabusim
long long, longpela
long (size) longpela
long (time), long ago longpela taim
long house (Highlands) haus lain
long walk sock(s) longsok(s)
longer than bipo tru
longest longpela mo
longest of all longpela long olgeta
mad person longlongman
matches are wet, won't light masis i kol
melon melen
mission misin
missionary missinari, misinari
missionary misinare
monastery haus pater
Monday Mande
money mani
month mun
monument makim
moon mun
moon rises mun i kamap
moon sets mun i godaun
mutton, lamb sipsip
narrative carving done on a wooden board story board
new moon nupela mun
noon belo kaikai
occasionally wanpela wanpela taim
on antap long
on top of antap long
once wanpela taim
once more wanpela taim mo
one wan, wanpela
one shoe wanpela sait long su, wanpela su
one way wanwe
onion anien
only tasol
opinion tingting
overseer on plantation bosboi
pass (oncoming) car mitim ka, bungim ka
pay admission peim dua
peaceful (person) belisi
person man, meri
person from same village wanples
person of same (age, social) group wanlain
person of same religion wanlotu
piece of scone hap skon
pigeon balus
plantation plantesen, plantesin
poison poisen
police station polis stesin
portion out dilim
practice of making totemic figures (also called malangans) to honor the dead malangan, malagan
prison kalabus
prisoner kalabusman
put on (clothing) pasim
python moran
question kwesten
quite (long) liklik
quotation, statement hap tok
race (contest) resis
rainy season taim bilong ren
raise money kamapim mani
record (vb) a song katim singsing long teprikoda
religion, worship lotu
rolls of shell money strung on lengths of cane loloi
sarong or wraparound laplap
scone(s) skon
scrape coconut sikirapim kokonas
second namba tu
second (time) sekon
service station sevis stesin
skite, con man bulsitman
slitgong garamut
son pikinini man (bilong em)
soon no longtaim, klosap, klostu, kwiktaim
spoon spun
spoon out spunim, savolim
station (government) stesin
station (police) polis stesin
station (railway) tren stesin
stone ston
straight on straight on - stret
strong strong, strongpela
stubborn, conceited bikhet
take contraceptives pasim bel
talkative person man bilong toktok
telephone telepon, telipon
television bokis wailis wantem piksa
toea (monetary unit 1/100 Kina) toea
tongue tang
tonight tunait
tradition of ancestors tok bilong ol tumbuna
traveling companion wanwokabaut
valve stem on inner tube maus bilong gumi
washer (on bolt) ring
wet season taim bilong ren
wheel (with tyre on) wil , taia
white adult male (term originated in colonial times) masta
wonder tingim . . .
wonderful nais tumas
wrong kranki
wrong, offend rongim
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