The English term "as soon as" matches the Tokpisin term "stret long taim"

other english words that include "as" : tokpisin :
adhesive/sticking plaster plasta
as long as longpela olsem
ascend go antap
ash(es) sit bilong paia
ask askim
base, basis as
basket basket
boastful, proud litimapim em yet
brassiere, bra banis bilong susu
breakfast kaikai long moning
breast susu
canvas stretcher bet sel
case, suitcases kes, sutkes, bokis
cassava kasava, tapiok
cassette kaset
cassowary muruk
cassowary (New Britain); see also Muruk benetii
castor oil kaswel
celebrate Mass mekim Misa
chase ranim
Christmas krismas
coast (n) nambis
coastal man man bilong nambis
cold season (winter) taim bilong kol
cut grass katim gras
cut grass with sarip saripim
dress (vb. as in a wound) klinim sua
dry season taim bilong san
east hap san i kamap, or es
Easter Ista
easy isi
embassy haus luluai bilong longwe ples
eyebrow, eyelash gras bilong ai
fast kwik
fasten pasim
fasten seatbelt pasim let
fat (for greasing body) , oil fatwel
feather draped ceremonial body mask tumbuan
for no reason nating
frosted glass grileglas
gasoline bensin
glass (container) glas
glass (substance) glas
grass gras
grassy patch ples kunai
grease wel, welim; gris, grisim
great! fantastic!; literally 'him now!' em nau!
half past seven hap pas seven
half-caste hapkas
hot season (summer) taim bilong san
increase (price) antapim
last bihain tru
least, at liklik tru
light (gas) tulait
like, as muliwara
measure (vb) makim
medical assistant, doctor dokta
monastery haus pater
nomadic tribe from East New Britain province Mokolkols
occasionally wanpela wanpela taim
overcast klaut i pas
pass (oncoming) car mitim ka, bungim ka
pass, overtake abrusim
passenger pasindia
passport paspot
past tense marker bin
pastry kek
peas hebsen, pi
petrol (gasoline) bensin
plastic plastik
pleasant switpela
please plis
Qantas (airline) Kwantas
rainy season taim bilong ren
raise, increase apim (pe)
raskol, rascal raskol
release the brake legoim brek
roast i bin kukim long paia
seaside nambis
shell as penis covering kam
sleep, be asleep slip
sore has pus in it sua i gat susu
suitcase paus
sunglasses sanglss
sword grass kunai
taste (vb) traiim
tease hambakim
toast tos; tostim (bret)
toothpaste sop bilong tit
tribe which inhabits East New Britain's Gazelle Peninsula Tolai
was bin
wash wasim
wash, bathe waswas
washbasin dis bilong waswas
washer (on bolt) ring
waste westim
wet season taim bilong ren
yeast yis
missing (as in not present) no gat
other english words that include "soon" : tokpisin :
soon no longtaim, klosap, klostu, kwiktaim
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