The Tokpisin term "apim (pe)" matches the English term "raise, increase"

other tokpisin words that include "pe" : english :
wanpela a, an
birua, tupela i bam, bagarap accident
bikpela man adult
wanpela tasol alone
narapela another one (more)
longpela olsem as long as
pen bolpoin or biro ballpoint
blakpela sos barbecue sauce
bikpela big
blakpela black
bikpela su boot (n)
tupela both
tupela su both shoes
braun, braunpela brown
braunpela loli chocolate (candy)
graun, graun malomalo, graun bilong wokim sospen clay
sospen, sospen graun clay pot n
klin, klinpela clean
kol , kolpela cold
strongpela susu condensed milk
konpesen confession
stret, stretpela correct
strongpela susu cream
kapet cupboard
pekpek defecate
switpela kaikai dessert
pekpek wara diarrhea
narakain, narapela kain different
disaipel disciple
drai, draipela dry
pekpek blut dysentery
wanpela wanpela each
wanpela narapela each other
et, etpela eight
bikpela tru enormous
pes, pes olgeta face
pelim, no inap mekim fail
brum bilong winim pes fan
let bilong karapela fan belt
traipela, patpela fat, large
faiv, faipela five
brukim pepa/klos fold paper/clothes
fo, foa, fopela four
nupela fresh
raunpela mun, bikpela mun full moon
kisim pe get paid
gut, gutpela good
grin, grinpela green
hat, hatpela; strong, strongpela hard
het i pen headache
longpela bilong em height
stret, stretpela honest
hat, hot, hotpela hot
pen hurt
tubel, tumaus, man i gat tupela maus hypocrite
mi wanpela I alone
i bikpela samting important
independens independence
traipela large
laisens, pemit licence
pen bilong maus lipstick
long, longpela long
longpela long (size)
longpela taim long (time), long ago
longpela mo longest
longpela long olgeta longest of all
longpela winim olgeta look
wanpes look at
niuspepa magazine
bikpela main
tupela marit married couple
manmeri , pipel men & women
wansospen, wantebol messmate
i no gat wanpela taim never
nupela new
nupela mun new moon
niuspepa newspaper
naispela nice, attractive
nain, nainpela nine
nainti, nainpela ten ninety
pepa bilong raitim leta notepaper
wanpela wanpela taim now and then
wanpela wanpela taim occasionally
lapun; olpela old
olpela old (things)
wanpela taim once
wanpela taim mo once more
wan, wanpela one
wanpela sait long su, wanpela su one shoe
narapela other
bilong mipela our
pain - pen pain
pen, penim paint
pepa paper
pe pay (n)
balm, peim pay (vb)
peim dua pay admission
pede payday
gutpela taim peace
pen pen
pensil pencil
manmeri, pipel people
pepa, daka pepper
pemit permit, license
switpela pleasant
prais, pe price
koropela, propela propeller
ret, retpela red
sol na pepa salt and pepper
sospen saucepan
sampela taim seldom
seven, sevenpela seven
sampela several
sap, sappela sharp
sot, sotpela short
sotpela trausis shorts
pekato sin
sikis, sikispela six
sampela some
wanpela man no meri somebody
wanpela samting something
sampela taim sometimes
long sampela hap somewhere
blaksos, blakpela sos, soisos soya sauce
spes space
spet spade
spepat spare part(s)
kaunim, spelim spell
spet spit, spittle
stretpela straight
strong, strongpela strong
swit, switpela sweet
ten, tenpela ten
olsem, dispela that
dispela taim then (at that time)
dispela, ya this
emtripela those (three)
emtupela those (two)
tri, tripela three
smol haus, liklik haus, haus pekpek, toilet toilet
haus pekpek man toilet (men)
haus pekpek meri toilet (women)
pepa pekpek toilet paper
retsos, retpela sos tomato sauce
tit i pen toothache
tupela taim twice
tu, tupela two
i no naispela ugly
pe wages
mipela we
mitripela we (three excl)
yumitripela we (three incl)
mitupela we (two excl)
yumitupela we (two incl
wait, waitpela white
wel, welpela, wail, wailpela wild
yelo, yelopela yellow
yu, yupela you
yumitupela you (three)
yutupela you (two)
yumitupela you and I
yangpela young
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