The Tokpisin term "bikpela man" matches the English term "adult"

other tokpisin words that include "man" : english :
poro, poroman acquaintance
man bilong pait aggressive person
didiman agricultural officer
hambakman, sikibaga annoying person
man i wokim artificial
haus mani bank (n)
baman barman, bartender
boi; manki, pikinini man boy
man bisnis businessman
tanim mani change money (from one currency to another)
hambakman, sikibaga cheeky person
man bilong lotu churchgoer
man bilong save clever person
man bilong nambis coastal man
mani ain coin
mangalim covet, be jealous of
pretman, man bilong pret coward
man nogut, raskol criminal
planti man na meri crowd
daiman dead person, the dead
kusaiman, man bilong karamapim tok deceiver
spakman drunkard
mangal envy
mastamisis, ol waitman Europeans
olgeta man everybody
olgeta, olgeta man everybody
giaman false
man bilong wokim gaden farmer
i no gat man o meri free (vacant)
poro, poroman, pren, wantok friend
paniman funnyman, clown
oloboi , oloman gee!
bokis, kan, sem (bilong meri) ; bol, kok (bilong man) genitals
dewel bilong man i dai ghost (of dead person)
man bilong kaikai glutton
man bilong wok good worker
gavman government
hul (bilong planim man) grave
man i soim rot or gait guide
man i save katim gras bilong het hairdresser
maritman husband
tubel, tumaus, man i gat tupela maus hypocrite
bigman important man; leader
man bilong wok industrious person
man i tanim tok ples interpreter
giaman joke
glaman kid, joke
loia, loya, loman, saveman long lo lawyer
man bilong save learned person
man bilong giaman, giamanman liar
giaman lie (n)
giamanim lie to
laipman living person
man bilong bikmaus loudmouth
longlongman mad person
man male
man man
ailan Manam Manam Island
mango mango
maritman/meri married man/woman
manmeri , pipel men & women
Mande Monday
mani money
kilman murderer
i no gat man nobody
hambakman nuisance
sikman, sikmeri patient
lukstilman, man bilong luklukstil peeping Tom
manmeri, pipel people
man i go i kam long kot persistent offender
man, meri person
polisman policeman
rabisman poor man
kalabusman prisoner
bilong olgeta man na meri public
kamapim mani raise money
asples bilong gavman seat of government
dewel, dewel bilong man shadow
bulsitman skite, con man
wanpela man no meri somebody
pikinini man (bilong em) son
dripman, welman squatter
man bilong samapim klos tailor (n)
man bilong toktok talkative person
giamanim tell lies to, fool
man i gat kot the accused
stilman thief
haus pekpek man toilet (men)
turis, kam man tourist
trabelman troublemaker
dripman, welman vagrant
i kastim planti mani valuable
welman, dripman wanderer
man bilong pait warrior
waitman white man, European
wokman worker, workman
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