The Tokpisin term "hap san i kamap, or es" matches the English term "east"

other tokpisin words that include "es" : english :
adres address
adresim address (letter)
yesa agree
ples balus, epot airport
ples nogut bad place
ples waswas, rum bilong waswas bathroom
kes, sutkes, bokis case, suitcases
Ekelesia church members
ples klia clearing
resis competition
konpesen confession
ples wokabaut insait long haus corridor, hallway
ples nogut, i gat samting nogut dangerous place
Desemba December
ples wesan desert (n)
haus luluai bilong longwe ples embassy
ples nating, ples klia empty space
long olgeta ples everywhere
pes, pes olgeta face
brum bilong winim pes fan
ples kunai field
ples tambu forbidden place
bilong longwe ples foreign
ples kunai grassy patch
asples bilong mi home town, my
hostes, e hostes hostess
man i tanim tok ples interpreter
lesbaga loafer, lazy man
tok ples local language
tok ples local language, first language
wanpes look at
majestret magistrate
bikples main village
ples malomalo muddy place
ples kanaka native village
nes nurse (n)
stesin outpost
ples wokabaut pedestrian crossing
wanples person from same village
plantesen, plantesin plantation
ples bilong wetim tren platform (railway)
polis stesin police station
presen present (gift)
presiden president
kwesten question
resis race (contest)
resa razor
rises research
asples bilong gavman seat of government
sevis stesin service station
ples bilong hait shelter (n)
ples bilong klaut, heven sky
spes space
stesin station (government)
polis stesin station (police)
tren stesin station (railway)
les, skin i les/slek, bun i slek tired
tanim tok ples translate
yunivesiti, univesiti university
ples i go daun, ples daun valley
ples lukluk view (outlook)
ples, viles village
westim waste
les, skin i les/slek, bun i slek weary
wes west
we, westap where
ya, yes yes
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