The English term "I think (so)" matches the Tokpisin term "ating"

other english words that include "think" : tokpisin :
think ting, tingting
other english words that include "so" : tokpisin :
accuse (someone) sutim long tok
aggressive person man bilong pait
all sorts of kainkain
also tu
annoying person hambakman, sikibaga
as soon as stret long taim
bend (something) krungutim
boil (something) boilim
build (something) wokim
busy (doing something) wok long
call (something or someone) singautim
calm (person) belisi
cassowary muruk
cassowary (New Britain); see also Muruk benetii
cheeky person hambakman, sikibaga
clever person man bilong save
cold season (winter) taim bilong kol
cover, lid of something tuptup
crumple (something) krungutim
dead person, the dead daiman
disobey sakim tok
do something regularly save
dry season taim bilong san
epsom salts, laxative solmarasin
for no reason nating
gasoline bensin
get someone up from bed kirapim
ghost (of dead person) dewel bilong man i dai
hang (something) up hangamapim
heal (of sore) drai
hot season (summer) taim bilong san
imprison kalabusim
indigenous person kanaka
industrious person man bilong wok
kind, sort kain
know (someone/something) save long
know how to (do something) save mekim/wokim
lay (something) down slipim
learned person man bilong save
like (doing something) klaut i lait
living person laipman
lock up, imprison kalabusim
long walk sock(s) longsok(s)
mad person longlongman
oil (something) welim, grisim
peaceful (person) belisi
person man, meri
person from same village wanples
person of same (age, social) group wanlain
person of same religion wanlotu
petrol (gasoline) bensin
poison poisen
practice of making totemic figures (also called malangans) to honor the dead malangan, malagan
prison kalabus
prisoner kalabusman
rainy season taim bilong ren
record (vb) a song katim singsing long teprikoda
saw so so, katim long so
scissors sisis
soap sop
soccer soka
sock(s) sok(s), sokin
soda-water sodawara
soft malmalum
softdrink loliwara
soldier soldia, solodia
sole of foot ananit bilong lek
some sampela
somebody wanpela man no meri
something wanpela samting
sometimes sampela taim
somewhere long sampela hap
son pikinini man (bilong em)
soon no longtaim, klosap, klostu, kwiktaim
sorcery sanguma, puripuri
sore sua
sore has pus in it sua i gat susu
sorry sori, sore
sort, kind kain
soup sup
sour soua
soursoup sausap
South saut
soya sauce blaksos, blakpela sos, soisos
spear (Something spirim
stand up, erect (something) sanapim
talkative person man bilong toktok
toilet soap sop i gat smel
wet season taim bilong ren
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