The English term "watering-can" matches the Dutch term "gieter"

other english words that include "can" : dutch :
applicant aanvrager
acanthus acanthus
backbiting, scandal achterklap
countermand, cancel afbestellen
Afrikaans, African Afrikaans
American Amerikaans
candidate aspirant
acanthus bereklauw
significant betekenisvol
insignificant, trifling beuzelachtig
candlestick blaker
buccaneer boekanier
Canada Canada
Canadian Canadees
Canary Canarisch
candle candela
cannon canon
canyon cañon
Cantabrian Cantabrisch
Corsican Corsicaans
decanter decanteren
Dominican Dominicaans
backbiting, scandal eerroof
Etrurian, Etruscan Etrurisch
Etruscan, Etrurian Etruskisch
ditch, pit, hole, channel, canal gracht
canine honde-
canine honden-
Canticles Hooglied
can inblikken
candle kaars
candle kaarsensterkte
strait, canal, channel kanaal
Canaan Kanaän
canary kanarie
candlestick kandelaar
candidate kandidaat
cancer, canker kanker
cannibal kannibaal
cannon kanon
cannon kettingzang
scandal, backbiting laster
empty, vacant, unoccupied, void leeg
insignificant, trifling luizig
Madagascan Madagaskisch
Candlemas Maria-Lichtmis
Moroccan Marokkaans
cannibal menseneter
Mexican Mexicaans
Mozambican Moçambiquaans
Moluccan Moluks
Monacan Monegask
Mozambican Mozambiquaans
insignificant, meaningless, trifling onbeduidend
vacant, unoccupied, free onbezet
unoccupied, vacant, free open
hurricane orkaan
pelican pelikaan
canoe plezierboot
republican republikeins
scan scanderen
Scandinavia Scandinavië
Scandinavian Scandinavisch
tidbit, candy, delicacy snoep
tidbit, candy, delicacy snoepgoed
candidate sollicitant
cantharides Spaanse vlieg
staff, baton, cane staf
cane, baton stok
sugar-cane suikerriet
Tuscany Toscane
channel, canal, speed vaart
Vatican Vaticaan
significant veelbetekenend
canteen, water-bottle, flask veldfles
applicant verzoeker
vacant, sufficiently, unoccupied vrij
Vulcan Vulcanus
volcano vulkaan
cannon vuurmond
volcano vuurspuwende berg
quarter, channel, canal wijk
incandescent witgloeiend
candy zoetigheid
Dutch as an Influencer
The English language has much to thank Dutch for. Dutch settlers came to the American colonies during the 17th century and added a few words to the vocabulary. Words like Santa Claus, waffle, blink, cookie, bazooka, gin, and iceberg wouldn’t exist without it.
Learning Dutch is Easier for English Speakers
Given the influence Dutch has had on English, it makes sense that Dutch is easier for speakers to learn. This is in part because Dutch, German, and English have similar roots. It’s between English and German. It only has two definite articles, “de” and “het” to English’s one “the” and German’s “der”, “die”, “das”. But Dutch words are more difficult to pronounce. The way words are pronounced indicates to a native speaker whether they’re talking to a second-language speaker.
Dutch is a Melting Pot of Languages
Just as English owes a lot to Dutch for contributing to its vocabulary, Dutch owes the same to other languages. It picked up words like jus d’orange (orange juice) and pantalon from French, mazzel (lucky) and tof (cool) from Hebrew and others. Dutch also incorporates texting and social media slang from English as well as street slang from places like Morocco, the Antilles, and Suriname.