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abad centennial
abad century
abadi eternal
abai, mengabaikan ignore
abai, mengabaikan leave out of account
abai, mengabaikan underestimate
abjad alphabet
absen, tidak hadir absent
abu ash
abu cinder
acara, rencana declaration of policy
acara, rencana platform
acara, rencana programme
acara, rencana statement of policy
adab, beradab, sopan courteous
adab, beradab, sopan polite
adab, beradab, sopan well-mannered
adat, kebiasaan custom
adat, kebiasaan habit
adat, kebiasaan, cara way
adil fair
adil just
adil righteous
administrasi administration
administrasi management
adpertensi, iklan, pemberitahuan ad
adpertensi, iklan, pemberitahuan advertisement
agak a little
agak enough
agak fairly
agak quite
agak rather
agak relatively
agak some
agak somewhat
agak sufficiently
agak to some extent
agama religion
agen, alat, perkakas agent
agung distinctive
Agustus August
Ahad, Minggu Sunday
ahli expert
ahli specialist
air water
air perah juice
air perah sap
air-mata tear
air-terjun waterfall
ajak, mengajak invite
ajakan, undangan invitation
ajar, mengajar teach
akal intelligence
akar root
akhir ending
akhirnya at last
akhirnya finally
akhirnya ultimately
akibat conclusion
akibat consequence
akibat consistency
akibat effect
akibat result
aktif active
aktif in action
alam nature
alam, tanda character
alamat address
alat instrument
alat, perkakas means
alat, perkakas tool
alir, mengalir flow
alis brow
alis eyebrow
Allah God
aman safe
aman secure
ambil, mengambil bring
ambil, mengambil fetch
ambil, mengambil, kumpulkan, mengumpulkan pick up
amplop envelope
anak ayam chick
anak ayam, ayam chicken
anggrek orchid
angin wind
angin, hawa, udara air
angkat, mengangkat carry
angkat, mengangkat wear
angkut, mengangkut transport
aniaya, menganiaya agonize
anjur, menganjurkan commend
anjur, menganjurkan recommend
anjur, menganjurkan register
antar, mengantar accompany
antuk, mengantuk drowsy
apa what
apa, begini, begitu that
api fire
April April
Arab Arabian
Arab Arabic
arah direction
arang charcoal
arca statue
arloji-tangan watch
arloji-tangan wrist-watch
aruh, mempengaruhi act
aruh, mempengaruhi affect
aruh, mempengaruhi, pengaruh influence
asap smoke
asin salty
asing alien
asing foreign
asing strange
aso, mengaso repose
aso, mengaso rest
asrama boarding house
asrama boarding school
atap roof
atur, mengatur arrange
atur, mengatur fix up
awan cloud
ayam fowl
Island Languages
There are many dialects of Indonesian that are spoken in the islands. So it is very common for people to learn their home dialect first and then learn Bahasa Indonesia once they start school.
Easy for English Speakers
English speakers who are not exposed to speaking another language until later in life find it harder to learn. But Indonesian is actually easier on English speakers compared to another language. The pronunciation of words is not as difficult, it employs Latin or Roman scripts, and Indonesian doesn’t have a lot of complex verb conjugations.
Foreign Influences
Indonesian has many loan words in it. A standard Malay Language was developed in an effort to separate the country from Dutch Colonialism. But the language still has many Dutch loanwords in it. Other languages that influence Indonesian include Sanskrit, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese.