The English term "ally" matches the Swedish term "förena, bundförvant"

other english words that include "ally" : swedish :
abnormally onormalt
academically akademiskt
accidentally händelsevis
actually faktiskt
additionally dessutom
alphabetically alfabetiskt
analytically analytiskt
annually årligen
artificially artificiellt
automatically automatiskt
bally braskande reklam
basically i grund och botten
casually nonchalant
commercially kommerciellt
continually oavbrutet, ideligen
cordially hjärtligt
dally leka, söla
dilly-dally vela
dramatically dramatiskt
drastically drastiskt
dynamically dynamiskt
egotistically egoistiskt
electronically elektroniskt
equally lika
especially särdeles, speciellt, enkom, i synnerhet, särskilt
essentially huvudsakligen
eventually eventuellt
exceptionally utomordentligt
fanatically fanatiskt
finally slutligen
formally formellt
generally vanligen, i regel, merendels, i allmänhet
globally totalt
gradually småningom, gradvis
grammatically grammatiskt
graphically grafiskt
horizontally horisontalt
hysterically hysteriskt
ideally idealiskt
illegally illegal
incidentally tillfälligtvis, i förbigående
individually individuellt
initially först
intentionally avsikligt
internally internt
internationally internationellt
ironically ironiskt
judicially rättsligen
juridically rättsligen
legally lagligt
linearally linjärt
literally bokstavligen, formligen
locally lokala
logarithmically logaritmiskt
manually manuellt
materially väsentligt
mathematically matematiskt
mechanically rutinmässigt
mentally andligen, mentalt
metaphorically bildspråk
methodically metodiskt
morally moraliskt
mutually gemensamt
naturally naturligtvis
normally normalt
occasionally ibland
officially officiellt
optimally optimalt
optionally valfritt
orally muntligen
orgiginally ursprungligen
originally ursprunligen
partially delvis
personally personligen
physically fysiskt
politically politiskt
practically praktiskt taget
professionally proffesionellt
prophetically profetiskt
punctually punktligt
rally samla, retas med, rally
really egentligen, faktiskt, verkligen
sally utfall, kvickhet, utfärd
scallywag skojare
semi-annually halvårsvis
sexually sexuellt
specially speciellt
specifically definitivt
strategically strategiska
substantially verkligt
tally pricka av, överensstämma
tally-ho buss på
tallyman kontrollräknare
totally totalt
traditionally traditionell
typically typiskt
universally allmänt
usually vanligen, vanligtvis
verbally muntligen, verbalt
vertically vertikalt
virtually faktiskt
visually visuellt
vocally muntligt
An Understandable Neighbor
Anyone who speaks Swedish or travels there quickly finds out that Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian languages are mutually understood between speakers. So learning Swedish is beneficial for anyone who has a goal of being multi-lingual.
Say Thank You
There is no real word for please in Swedish. The closest word is “Tack” which means “Thank you” but the word please doesn’t translate into Swedish. Saying “tack” in a respectful tone is the best way to solve this dilemma. Swedish also has a smaller vocabulary compared to other languages in part because of its concentrated population of speakers.
Articles After Nouns
One of the most difficult things to learn in a new language is figuring out which article goes with the noun. In Swedish the article comes after the noun. So “the dog” becomes “hund” and “en” or “hunden” making the process a little easier to remember.