The Swedish term "gift" matches the English term "wedded"

other swedish words that include "gift" : english :
motgift antidote
motgifter antidotes
bigami, tvegifte bigamy
ogift celibate
avgift, försvar, omkostnad, anbefalla, kostnad charge
uppgift chore
medgivande, eftergift concession
bestrida en utgift defray an expense
avgifta detoxify
hemgifter dowries
hemgift, gåva dowry
avgifter dues
inträdesavgift entrance fee
gifta sig med espouse
åtgång, utgifter expenditure
förbrukning, utgifter expenditures
bekostnad, kostnad, utgift, omkostnad expense
taxa, avgift, arvode, provision, honorar fee
avgifter fees
matförgiftning food poisoning
avgiftsfri, gratis, kostnadsfri free of charge
gasförgiftning gassed
arbetsgivaravgift general payroll tax
odört, gift hemlock
släktingar genom giftermål in-laws
mö, ungmö, ogift maiden
giftemål, vigsel, äktenskap marriage
giftasvuxen marriageable
gift married
gift med married to
gifta sig med, viga, gifta sig marry
äktenskaplig, giftermåls matrimonial
mätavgift metage
värv, uppgift, mission mission
nygifta newly-weds
nygift newly married
åtalseftergift nolle prosequi
giftfri non-poisonous
giftfri non-toxic
kostnader, uygifter outgo
utgifter, utlägg, utgift outlay
förgifta, gift poison
förgiftning poisoning
giftig poisonous
månggifte polygamy
kajavgift quayage
uppgifter, annaler records
anmälningsavgift, registreringsavgift registration fee
omgift remarried
hyra, arrendeavgift rent
kunglighet, avgift royalty
andrahandsuppgift second-hand information
enda, enkel, ogift single
ungmö, ogift kvinna spinster
uppgift, påstående, uppgift statement
bestyr, värv, uppgift, uppgift task
uppgifter tasks
svår uppgift teaser
giftig toxic
giftigheten toxicity
gift toxin
avgiftsbelagd väg, tullbom turnpike
ogift unmarried
gift venom
giftig, häftig virulent
gifta sig med, viga wed
An Understandable Neighbor
Anyone who speaks Swedish or travels there quickly finds out that Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian languages are mutually understood between speakers. So learning Swedish is beneficial for anyone who has a goal of being multi-lingual.
Say Thank You
There is no real word for please in Swedish. The closest word is “Tack” which means “Thank you” but the word please doesn’t translate into Swedish. Saying “tack” in a respectful tone is the best way to solve this dilemma. Swedish also has a smaller vocabulary compared to other languages in part because of its concentrated population of speakers.
Articles After Nouns
One of the most difficult things to learn in a new language is figuring out which article goes with the noun. In Swedish the article comes after the noun. So “the dog” becomes “hund” and “en” or “hunden” making the process a little easier to remember.