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abacus Rechenbrett
abacus, ball frame, counting frame Abakus
abacus, ball frame, counting frame Kugelmaschine
abacus, ball frame, counting frame Rechenmaschine
abandonment Zession
abashment, embarrassment, perplexity Hemmnis
abashment, embarrassment, perplexity Lästiges
abashment, embarrassment, perplexity Verlegenheit
abatement, discount, rebate Nachlaß
abatement, discount, rebate Rabatt
abatement, discount, rebate Vergütung
abbey Abtei
abbot Abt
abc book Fibel
abdomen, belly, tummy Bauch
abdomen, belly, tummy Unterleib
aberrance, aberration Abweichung
aberration, error, mistake Irrtum
aberration, error, mistake Versehen
aberration, error, mistake, absence, lack, shortage, shortcoming Fehler
abhorrence, abomination, horror Abscheu
abhorrence, abomination, horror Greuel
ability Befähigung
ability Fähigkeit
ability Kapazität
ability Können
ability Vermögen
ability, capability, fitness, suitability Brauchbarkeit
ability, capability, fitness, suitability Tauglichkeit
ablative Ablativ
able, ible bar
able, ible lich
able, ible, worthy wert
abnegation Aufopferung
abnegation Verleugnung
abnegation, cession, relinquishment, renunciation, surrender Entsagung
abnormality Abnormalität
abnormity, anomaly Anomalie
abnormity, anomaly Unregelmäßigkeit
abode, accommodation, dwelling, residence Wohnhaus
abode, accommodation, dwelling, residence Wohnung
abode, dwelling place, residence Wohnsitz
abode, dwelling place, residence, dwelling place residence Wohnort
aboriginal Eingeborene
aboriginal, original Ursprungs
abortion, failure, fiasco Fiasko
abortion, failure, fiasco Mißerfolg
about face, alteration, change, conversion, transformation Tausch
abscess Abszeß
abscess Eiterbeule