The English term "as though" matches the Russian term "budto"

other english words that include "as" : russian :
alas k sozhal eniyu
as kak, tak
asbestos asbest
ascend podnimat’sya, podnyat’sya, zabirat’sya v, zabrat’sya v, zabirat’sya na, zabrat’sya na
ascetic asketicheskij
Asia Aziya
Asian aziatskij, aziat
Asian woman aziatka
Asiatic aziatskij
as if budto
ask sprashivat’, sprosit’
asphalt asfal ‘tirovat’, asfal ‘t
assailant agressor
assault atakovat’
assembly assambl eya
assimilation assimil yatsiya
assistant ad`yunkt
association assotsiatsiya
aster astra
asthma astma
asthmatic astmaticheskij
astrology astrol ogiya
atlas atl as
base bazirovat’
basin bassejn
bass bas
bass voice bas
blasphemy bogokhul ‘stvo
bookcase knizhnihj shkaf
case del o
castle bashnya
catastrophe beda, bedstvie
catastrophic bedstvennihj
Caucasus Kavkaz
chasm bezdna
class kl ass
coast beregovoj, bereg
coast beregovoj
coastal beregovoj
Damascus Damask
disease bol ezn’
east vostok
easy l ëgkij
everlasting beskonechnihj, beskrajnihj
fast bihstrihj, bihstro, skoro
flask bakl aga
gasolene benzin
gasoline benzin
lass devushka
lasso arkan
lease arendovat’, snimat’ v arendu, arendnihj dogovor
leasurely medl enno
middleclass burzhuaznihj
middleclass citizen burzhuj
nasty pl okhoj
of the coast beregovoj
passion azart
passionate azartnihj
pastor batyushka
please pozhal ujsta
pleased dovol ‘nihj
purchase pokupat’, kupit’
release puskat’, pustit’
Sassenach angl ichanin
seaside bereg
staircase l estnitsa
such as kak
tasteless bezvkusnihj
tasty appetitnihj
thrash bukhat’, bukhnut’
vase vaza
wash buchit’
waste brak
whereas za, poka
woman chaser babnik
other english words that include "though" : russian :
although khotya
though khotya
Even in Space
It is the most widely adopted language in Eurasia. Chinese beats out Russian with the sheer numbers of speakers it has. But Russia has the widest geographical reach. Russian is such an important language that during the Space Race, learning the language became part of Astronaut training. This is still true today as Russian is a language of the International Space Station.
Starts with A
Russian does not have a lot of words that start with “A.” It’s been almost a rule going back to early times. Most native Russian words don’t start with A. There are a few exceptions like “alphabet” and “perhaps.” But other than that, if you see a Russian word that starts with “A,” the chances are that it’s a foreign word imported into the language.