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a but
a, i and
abazhur lamp shade
abonent subscriber
abrikos apricot
abris contour
abris outline
absol yutno absolutely
abstsess abscess
absurd absurdity
absurd nonsense
absurd, brak rubbish
abzats paragraph
ad hell
adamovo yabl oko Adam’s apple
Addis-Abeba Addis Ababa
Aden Aden
administrativnihj administrative
administrator, direktor manager
administratsiya management
administratsiya, pravitel ‘stvo administration
administrirovat’ administer
administrirovat’ manage
admiral admiral
admiral ‘skij admiralship
adresovat’, adres address
adskij infernal
advokat advocate
advokat barrister
advokat barrister at law
advokat intercessor
advokat lawyer
advokat solicitor
advokat, sovet counsel
ad`yunkt assistant
ad`yutant adjutant
ad`yutant aide de camp
aerodrom aerodrome
aerodrom airdrome
aerodrom airfield
aerodrom, aeroport airport
aerol it aerolite
aerol it meteoric stone
aerol it meteorite
aeropl an, samol ët aeroplane
aeropl an, samol ët aircraft
aeropl an, samol ët airplane
aeropl an, samol ët, pl an plane
aerostat air balloon
aerostat, bal l on balloon
Afganistan Afghanistan
Afinih Athena
Afinih Athene
Afinih Athens
afinskij Athenian
afisha notice
afisha placard
afisha poster
Afrika Africa
afrikanets African
afrikanka African woman
agent agent
agentstvo agency
agnets lamb
agrarnihj agrarian
agrarnihj farm
agrarnihj, agronomicheskij agricultural
agressivnihj aggressive
agressiya aggro
agressiya, ataka aggression
agressor aggressor
agressor assailant
agressor attacker
agronom agriculturist
agronomiya agriculture
agronomiya agronomics
aist stork
ajsberg iceberg
akademicheskij, student, akademik academic
akademik university graduate
akademiya academy
akhat’ lament
akhat’ wail
akkord accommodation
akkord chord
akkord, sogl asie, sootvetstvie concord
akkumul yator accumulator
akkumul yator storage battery
akkumul yator, batarejka battery
akkuratnihj accurate
akkuratnihj on time
akkuratnihj prompt
akkuratnihj punctual
akrobat acrobat
akrobaticheskij acrobatic
akt accomplishment
akt achievement
akt diploma
akt document
akt, attestat certificate
akt, bitva, boj, bor’ba action
akt, del at’, sdel at’ act
aktër actor
aktivnihj active
aktivnihj in action
aktivnost’ activity
aktivnost’ vigour
aktrisa actress
aktsent accent
aktsent stress
aktsioner shareholder
aktsiya share
aktsiz excise
aktsiz excise duty
aktual ‘nost’ current
aktual ‘nost’ present
aktual ‘nost’ present day
aktual ‘nost’ topical
aktual ‘nost’ topicality
aktual ‘nost’ up to date
akul a shark
akusherka midwife
akusherka, akushër obstetrician
akvarel ‘ water colour
akvarium aquarium
Al baniya Albania
al chnihj acquisitive
al chnihj eager
al chnihj greedy
al et’, bagrovet’ blush
al gebra algebra
al gebraicheskij algebraic
al kogol icheskij, al kogol ‘nihj alcoholic
al kogol izm alcoholism
al kogol ‘ alcohol
al l eya avenue
al maz diamond
al tar’ altar
al yapovatihj awkward
al yapovatihj coarse
al yapovatihj crude
al yapovatihj harsh
al yuminij aluminium
al yuminij aluminum
Al zhir Algeria
Al zhir Algiers
al ‘binos albino
al ‘bom album
Al ‘pih Alps
ambitsiya ambition
Amerika America
amerikanets US citizen
amerikanka American woman
amerikanskij, amerikanets American
amfibiya amphibian
amfibiya amphibious vehicle
ammiak ammonia
amnistiya act of grace
amortizator shock absorber
amputatsiya amputation
amputirovat’ amputate
Amsterdam Amsterdam
Amudar’ya Amudaryra
Amudar’ya Oxus
Amur Amur
anal iticheskij analytic
anal iticheskij analytical
anal iz analysis
anal izirovat’ analyse
anal ogichnihj analogous
anal ogiya analogy
ananas pineapple
anarkhicheskij anarchic
anarkhicheskij anarchical
anarkhicheskij anarchist
anarkhiya, beznachal ie anarchy
anarkhizm anarchism
anatom anatomist
anatomicheskij anatomical
anatomirovat’ dissect
anatomiya anatomy
anchous anchovy
anekdot anecdote
angl ichanin Englishman
angl ichanin Sassenach
angl ichanka Englishwoman
angl ijskaya l avka safety pin
angl ijskij, angl ichanka English
Angl iya England
Angol a Angola
anis anise
Ankara Angora
Ankara Ankara
anketa inquiry
anketa investigation
anketa, bl ank form
anneksiya annexation
anons ad
anons advertisement
Antarktika Antarctic
Antarktika the Antarctic
antenna aerial
antenna antenna
antil opa antelope
antipatiya aversion
antipatiya dislike
antratsit anthracite
Antverpen Antwerp
apatichnihj apathetic
apatiya apathy
apel l irovat’ appeal
apel l irovat’ k appeal to
apel l irovat’ k make an appeal to
apel ‘sin orange
apostol apostle
apparat apparatus
apparat device
apparat set
apparatura equipment
appetit appetite
appetitnihj tasty
aprel ‘ April
apteka chemist’s shop
apteka drugstore
aptekar’, khimik chemist
arab Arab
Arabiya Arabia
arabka Arabian woman
arabskij Arabian
arabskij Arabic
arakhis peanut
arbitr arbiter
arbitr arbitrator
arbitr referee
arbitr umpire
arbitrazh arbitration
arbuz melon
arena arena
arenda hire
arenda rent
arenda rental
arendator farmer
arendator renter
arendator tenant
arendovat’, snimat’ v arendu, arendnihj dogovor lease
arest apprehension
arest detention
arest, arestovat’ arrest
arestant arrested person
arestant prisoner
arfa harp
Argentina Argentina
argument argument
argument plea
argumentirovat’ maintain
arifmetika arithmetic
aristokrat aristocrat
aristokraticheskij, aristokratichnihj aristocratic
aristokratiya aristocracy
arka arc
arka arch
arka bow
arkan lasso
arkheol og archaeologist
arkheol ogicheskij archaeological
arkheol ogiya archaeology
arkhiepiskop archbishop
arkhierej bishop
arkhipel ag archipelago
arkhitektor architect
arkhitektura architecture
arkhitekturnihj architectonic
arkhitekturnihj architectural
arkhiv archive
arkhiv archives
arkhiv files
arkhiv records
arkhivarnus archivist
arkhivarnus keeper of the records
arl ekin buffoon
arl ekin jester
armatur armature
armatur brace
armatur cramp iron
armeets korpus corps
armeets, boets, borets warrior
armejskij military
Armeniya Armenia
armiya, voennihe, vojsko army
Arnem Arnhem
aromat aroma
aromat flavour
aromaticheskij, aromatichnihj aromatic
aromaticheskij, aromatichnihj fragrant
aromaticheskij, aromatichnihj nutty
arsenal armoury
arsenal arsenal
artachit’sya be obstinate
artachit’sya be stubborn
artachit’sya confront
artachit’sya persist
artachit’sya resist
artachit’sya stand up to
artachit’sya withstand
arteriokl eroz arteriosclerosis
arteriya artery
artikl ‘, veshch’ article
artil l erist artilleryman
artil l erist gunner
artil l eriya artillery
artist artist
artisticheskij artistic
ar’ergard defence
ar’ergard rear
ar’ergard rearguard
asbest asbestos
asfal ‘tirovat’, asfal ‘t asphalt
asketicheskij ascetic
aspirant candidate
assambl eya assembly
assimil yatsiya assimilation
assotsiatsiya association
assotsiatsiya circle
astma asthma
astma shortness of breath
astma wheeziness
astmaticheskij asthmatic
astmaticheskij wheezy
astra aster
astrol ogiya astrology
ataka access
atakovat’ assault
atakovat’, ataka attack
ateist, bezbozhnik atheist
ateizm atheism
Atl anticheskij okean Atlantic
Atl anticheskij okean Atlantic Ocean
atl as atlas
atl et athlete
atl eticheskij athletic
atl etika athletics
atmosfera atmosphere
atmosfericheskij, atmosfernihj atmospheric
atom atom
atomistika atomic theory
atomnaya bomba atom bomb
atomnihj atomic
attashe attaché
attestat testimony
auditoriya audience
auditoriya auditory
auktsion auction
aul colony
aul settlement
aul village
avangard avant garde
avantyura adventure
avantyurnihj, avantyuristicheskij adventurous
avgust August
avial iniya airline
avial iniya airway
aviapochta airmail
aviatsionnihj aeronautical
aviatsiya aeronautics
aviatsiya air force
aviatsiya aviation
avstral ijka Australian woman
avstral ijskij, avstral iets Australian
Avstral iya Australia
avstrijskij, avstriets Austrian
avtobus autobus
avtobus bus
avtobus omnibus
avtogennihj autogenous
avtomashina, avtomobil ‘ car
avtomat automoton
avtomaticheskij automatic
avtomatizirovat’ automate
avtonomiya autonomy
avtonomnihj autonomic
avtonomnihj autonomous
avtor author
avtor writer
avtoritet authority
avtorskoe pravo copyright
avtoruchka fountain pen
avtostrada, avtomagistral ‘ motor road
avtostrada, avtomagistral ‘ motorway
azart lust
azart passion
azartnihj passionate
azbuchnihj alphabetical
azbuka dl ya sl epihkh braille
azbuka morze Morse alphabet
azbuka, al fabit ABC
azbuka, al fabit alphabet
azbuka, al fabit elements
azbuka, al fabit rudiments
Azerbajdzhan Azerbaijan
aziatka Asian woman
aziatskij Asiatic
aziatskij, aziat Asian
Aziya Asia
azot nitrogen
Even in Space
It is the most widely adopted language in Eurasia. Chinese beats out Russian with the sheer numbers of speakers it has. But Russia has the widest geographical reach. Russian is such an important language that during the Space Race, learning the language became part of Astronaut training. This is still true today as Russian is a language of the International Space Station.
Starts with A
Russian does not have a lot of words that start with “A.” It’s been almost a rule going back to early times. Most native Russian words don’t start with A. There are a few exceptions like “alphabet” and “perhaps.” But other than that, if you see a Russian word that starts with “A,” the chances are that it’s a foreign word imported into the language.