The Russian term "pl an" matches the English term "scheme"

other russian words that include "an" : english :
za granitsej abroad
bezgranichnihj, bezzavetnihj, beskrajnihj, bespredel ‘nihj absolute
schitat’, schët, opisanie account
anons ad
ad`yutant adjutant
avantyura adventure
avantyurnihj, avantyuristicheskij adventurous
anons advertisement
antenna aerial
aeropl an, samol ët aeroplane
Afganistan Afghanistan
afrikanets African
afrikanka African woman
ad`yutant aide de camp
aeropl an, samol ët aircraft
aeropl an, samol ët airplane
Al baniya Albania
inostrannihj alien
amerikanskij, amerikanets American
amerikanka American woman
anal ogichnihj analogous
anal ogiya analogy
anal izirovat’ analyse
anal iz analysis
anal iticheskij analytic
anal iticheskij analytical
anarkhicheskij anarchic
anarkhicheskij anarchical
anarkhizm anarchism
anarkhicheskij anarchist
anarkhiya, beznachal ie anarchy
anatomicheskij anatomical
anatom anatomist
anatomiya anatomy
anchous anchovy
anekdot anecdote
Angol a Angola
Ankara Angora
anis anise
Ankara Ankara
anneksiya annexation
bezihmyannihj anonymous
Antarktika Antarctic
antil opa antelope
antenna antenna
antratsit anthracite
Antverpen Antwerp
obez’yana ape
arestant arrested person
Atl anticheskij okean Atlantic
Atl anticheskij okean Atlantic Ocean
avangard avant garde
antipatiya aversion
Azerbajdzhan Azerbaijan
bal ans balance sheet
Bal kanih Balkans
banan banana
bandazh bandage
Bangl adesh Bangladesh
bank, banka bank
bankir bank clerk
bankir bank official
bankrotstvo bankruptcy
banya bathroom
banshchik baths superintendant
banshchik bath superintendant
bel ihj, anketa, bl ank blank
kapitan boss
botanika botany
Brabant Brabant
Vel ikobritaniya Britain
britanskij British
zdanie building
zanimat’sya busy
banka can
Kanada Canada
kanal canal
aspirant candidate
kanal channel
kapitan chief
bezostanovochnihj, besperebojnihj continuous
derevnya, strana country
bal, tantsevat’, potantsevat’, tanets dance
Daniya Denmark
opisanie description
pl an design
pl an diagram
antipatiya dislike
anatomirovat’ dissect
Dominikanskaya Respubl ika Dominican Republic
baraban drum
rano early
Angl iya England
angl ijskij, angl ichanka English
g’a-Mansh English Channel
angl ichanin Englishman
angl ichanka Englishwoman
bal ans equilibrium
esperanto Esperanto
bankrotstvo failure
bol van fool
inostrannihj foreign
anketa, bl ank form
Frantsiya France
frantsuzskij French
Frisl andiya Friesland
Germaniya Germany
Gana Ghana
Vel ikobritaniya Great Britain
Grenl andiya Greenland
Khanoj Hanoi
Gavana Havana
Gol l andiya, Niderl andih Holland
Khuk van Khol l and Hook of Holland
Isl andiya Iceland
Indijskij okean Indian Ocean
po-angl ijski in English
anketa inquiry
anketa investigation
Iran Iran
Irl andiya Ireland
Iordaniya Jordan
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
strana land
arkan lasso
kapitan leader
g’ivan Lebanon
obez’yana monkey
baranina mutton
bezihmyannihj nameless
novihj, roman novel
stranitsa page
karandash pencil
Iran Persia
ananas pineapple
pl an plan
aeropl an, samol ët, pl an plane
bassejn dl ya pl avaniya pool
arestant prisoner
pl an project
baran ram
angl ijskaya l avka safety pin
banka sandbank
angl ichanin Sassenach
vokzal , stantsiya station
bassejn dl ya pl avaniya swimming bath
bassejn dl ya pl avaniya swimming pool
Antarktika the Antarctic
Niderl andih the Netherlands
banka tin
banka tin can
chemodan trunk
baran tup
amerikanets US citizen
ofitsiantka waitress
bezihmyannihj without a name
Even in Space
It is the most widely adopted language in Eurasia. Chinese beats out Russian with the sheer numbers of speakers it has. But Russia has the widest geographical reach. Russian is such an important language that during the Space Race, learning the language became part of Astronaut training. This is still true today as Russian is a language of the International Space Station.
Starts with A
Russian does not have a lot of words that start with “A.” It’s been almost a rule going back to early times. Most native Russian words don’t start with A. There are a few exceptions like “alphabet” and “perhaps.” But other than that, if you see a Russian word that starts with “A,” the chances are that it’s a foreign word imported into the language.