The English term "work against" matches the Swedish term "motarbeta"

other english words that include "work" : swedish :
artwork konstverk
basketwork korgarbete
breastwork bröstvärn
cabinetwork möbelsnickeri
clockwork urverk
co-worker samarbetspartner
fancy-work broderi
farm-worker dräng
feedwork matarverk
feedworks matarverk
fieldworkers fältarbetare
fireworks fyrverkeri
formwork formarbete
frame-work stomme, ram
framework stomme
gasworks gasverk
glassworks glasbruk
guess-work gissningsarbete
handi-work slöjd
handwork handarbete
heavy work grovgöra
homework läxa
housework hushållsarbete
ironworks järnbruk
metalwork metallarbete
metalworking metallbearbetning
needlework handarbete, sömnad
network nätverk
network's nätverks
networked för nätverk
networking nätverksarbetande
networkprogram nätverksprogram
networks nätverk
overwork överanstränga, övertidsarbete
overworked överarbetad
paperwork pappersarbete
piece-work ackordsarbete
piecework ackordsarbete
printing works tryckeri
schoolwork skolarbete
teamwork grupparbete
toil in the work slita i arbetet
unskilled worker grovarbetare
waterworks vattenverk
waxwork vaxfigur
wickerwork korgarbete
woodwork träslöjd
woodworking träbearbetning
work bearbeta, verka, göromål, job, syssla, verk
work environment arbetsmiljö
work out utarbeta
workable formbar
workaday alldaglig
workarounds åtgärder
workday arbetsdag
worker arbetare
worker bee arbetsbi
workhouse fattighus
working arbete
working-ant arbetsmyra
working hypothesis arbetshypotes
working material arbetsmaterial
workless arbetslös
workload arbetsbelastning
workman arbetskarl, kroppsarbetare
workmanlike gedigen
workmanly gedigen
workmanship arbete, yrkesskicklighet
workmate arbetskamrat
workmen arbetare
workmen`s dwellings arbetarbostäder
workroom arbetsrum
works verkstad
works of a watch urverk
workshop verkstad
workstation arbetsstation
An Understandable Neighbor
Anyone who speaks Swedish or travels there quickly finds out that Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian languages are mutually understood between speakers. So learning Swedish is beneficial for anyone who has a goal of being multi-lingual.
Say Thank You
There is no real word for please in Swedish. The closest word is “Tack” which means “Thank you” but the word please doesn’t translate into Swedish. Saying “tack” in a respectful tone is the best way to solve this dilemma. Swedish also has a smaller vocabulary compared to other languages in part because of its concentrated population of speakers.
Articles After Nouns
One of the most difficult things to learn in a new language is figuring out which article goes with the noun. In Swedish the article comes after the noun. So “the dog” becomes “hund” and “en” or “hunden” making the process a little easier to remember.