The Dutch term "aal" matches the English term "elver, eel, muck-water"

other dutch words that include "aal" : english :
aalbes currant, currant-bush
aalbesseblad currant-leaf
aalbesseboompje currant-bush
aalbessenjam currant-jam
aalduiker grebe
aalfuik eel-trap
aalmoes alms
aalmoezenier padre, chaplain
aalmoezeniershuis workhouse, almshouse
aalscholver cormorant
Aalst Alost
aalsvel eel-skin
aalt muck-water
aaltje eelworm
aalwaardig morose, sullen, fretful, straightforward, simple
aalwarig fretful, morose, sullen, straightforward, simple
aandelenkapitaal share-capital
abnormaal abnormal
admiraal admiral
allemaal everything
areaal area
avondmaal supper
Baäl Baal
banaal commonplace, trite
banketzaal banquet-room
Bengaals Bangladesh
Bengaals vuur bengal-light, bengal-lights
bepaald undoubtedly, certainly
brutaal impertinent, intrepid, bold, audacious, daring
catastrofaal catastrophic
centraal central
concertzaal concert-room
cruciaal decisive
eenmaal ever
eetzaal dining-room
egaal equal
etsnaald stylus
fataal ill-fated, fateful
federaal federal
feestmaal feast, banquet
fenomenaal phenomenal
feodaal feudal
finaal final, decisive, wholly
foedraal holder, vessel, container, socket
garnaal prawn, shrimp
gaspedaal accelerator
gemaal husband
generaal general
geniaal ingenious
Graal Grail
haal streak
helemaal wholly
herhaaldelijk repeatedly
hexadecimaal hexadecimal
hinderpaal obstacle
horizontaal horizontal
hospitaal hospital
ideaal ideal
initiaal initial
integraal integral
internationaal international
journaal diary
kaal bald
kaalhoofdig bald
kanaal strait, canal, channel
kannibaal cannibal
kapitaal fund, capital
kathedraal cathedral
klassikaal classic, classical
koloniaal colonial
kolossaal colossal
korporaal corporal
kraal bead, enclosure
kwaal illness, disease
Laotiaanse taal Lao
legaal legal
liberaal liberal
liniaal straightedge, straight-edge, ruler
lokaal chamber, place, local
loyaal loyal
maal occasion, time
Maori-taal Maori
materiaal data
maximaal maximum
medicinaal medical
meermaals repeatedly
menigmaal often, regularly, frequently
mentaal mental
metaaldraad wire
metaalmengsel alloy
middagmaal dinner
mijlpaal milestone, milepost, landmark
mineraal mineral
minimaal minimum
monumentaal monumental
moraal morals
multinationaal multinational
muziekzaal concert-room
muzikaal musical
naald needle
naaldboom conifer
nachtegaal nightingale
nasaal nasal
nationaal national
Ndebele-taal Ndebele
neutraal neutral, impartial
nogmaals anew, again
normaal normal
octaal octal
onbetaald outstanding, overdue
onthaal acceptance
op verhaal komen convalesce, recuperate
opaal opal
oraal oral
ornamentaal ornamental
ovaal oval
paal stanchion, rod, stake
paalwerk palisade
paradoxaal paradoxical
Pedi-taal Pedi
pornografisch materiaal pornography
praal splender, pomp
proces-verbaal minutes, protocol
provinciaal provincial
raadzaal boardroom
radicaal thoroughly, radically, radical
rechtszaal courtroom
regionaal regional
royaal wide, spacious, vast, generous
sacraal sacred, holy
sandaal sandal
schaal carapace, dish, platter, shell, husk
schraal skinny, slender, meager, skimpy, thin
sjaal shawl
sociaal social
Sotho-taal Sotho
spiraal spiral
staal steel
steurgarnaal prawn
stookmateriaal fuel
straal beam, ray
Swazi-taal Swazi
taal language
taal- linguistic
taaleigen idiom
taalgeleerde linguist
taalkundig linguistic
taalkundige linguist
taaltje jargon
territoriaal territorial
toonschaal key, gamut
totaal total, sum, full, overall
Transvaal Transvaal
triviaal vulgar
Tsonga-taal Tsonga
Tswana-taal Tswana
twaalf twelve
twaalftal dozen
twaalfuurtje lunch, snack
tweemaal twice
Vaal Vaal
vandaal vandal
Vendataal Venda
verhaal history, tale, narrative
verticaal vertical
vervolgverhaal serial
Vestaalse maagd vestal
vitaal vital, essential
vocaal vowel
vokaal vowel
Waals Walloon
wartaal abracadabra
weegschaal scales
zaal lounge, salon, parlour
Zoeloetaal Zulu
zonnestraal sun-beam, sunbeam
Dutch as an Influencer
The English language has much to thank Dutch for. Dutch settlers came to the American colonies during the 17th century and added a few words to the vocabulary. Words like Santa Claus, waffle, blink, cookie, bazooka, gin, and iceberg wouldn’t exist without it.
Learning Dutch is Easier for English Speakers
Given the influence Dutch has had on English, it makes sense that Dutch is easier for speakers to learn. This is in part because Dutch, German, and English have similar roots. It’s between English and German. It only has two definite articles, “de” and “het” to English’s one “the” and German’s “der”, “die”, “das”. But Dutch words are more difficult to pronounce. The way words are pronounced indicates to a native speaker whether they’re talking to a second-language speaker.
Dutch is a Melting Pot of Languages
Just as English owes a lot to Dutch for contributing to its vocabulary, Dutch owes the same to other languages. It picked up words like jus d’orange (orange juice) and pantalon from French, mazzel (lucky) and tof (cool) from Hebrew and others. Dutch also incorporates texting and social media slang from English as well as street slang from places like Morocco, the Antilles, and Suriname.