The Russian term "bl in" matches the English term "pancake"

other russian words that include "in" : english :
prinimat’ accept
administrirovat’ administer
administratsiya, pravitel ‘stvo administration
administrativnihj administrative
avial iniya airline
avial iniya airway
al ‘binos albino
inostrannihj alien
odin alone
al yuminij aluminium
al yuminij aluminum
Argentina Argentina
Afinih Athena
Afinih Athene
afinskij Athenian
Afinih Athens
busina bead
Beringovo more Bering Sea
Berl in Berlin
binokl ‘ binoculars
sinij blue
knizhnihj magazin bookshop
knizhnihj magazin bookstore
magazin boutique
arl ekin buffoon
bol garin Bulgar
bol garskij, bol garin Bulgarian
avtomashina, avtomobil ‘ car
kino cinema
Dominikanskaya Respubl ika Dominican Republic
Dubl in Dublin
buzina elder
inzhener engineer
angl ichanin Englishman
uzhin evening meal
inostrannihj foreign
benzin gasolene
benzin gasoline
Gvineya Guinea
Finskij zal iv Gulf of Finland
pol ovina half
vetchina ham
Khel ‘sinki Helsinki
gostinitsa hotel
kartina image
Indiya India
Indijskij okean Indian Ocean
Indoneziya Indonesia
interes interest
interesnihj interesting
arl ekin jester
dl innihj long
bol ‘shinstvo majority
administrirovat’ manage
administratsiya management
administrator, direktor manager
minuta minute
kino movie theatre
baranina mutton
kto-to, odin, odna, odno one
tol ‘ko, odin only
apel ‘sin orange
kartina painting
benzin petrol
kartina picture
buzhenina pork
prinimat’, pol uchat’, pol uchit’ receive
angl ichanin Sassenach
botinok shoe
magazin shop
odin sole
odin solitary
magazin store
uzhin supper
prinimat’, brat’, vzyat’ take
prinimat’ take in
pishushchaya mashinka typewriter
vino wine
Even in Space
It is the most widely adopted language in Eurasia. Chinese beats out Russian with the sheer numbers of speakers it has. But Russia has the widest geographical reach. Russian is such an important language that during the Space Race, learning the language became part of Astronaut training. This is still true today as Russian is a language of the International Space Station.
Starts with A
Russian does not have a lot of words that start with “A.” It’s been almost a rule going back to early times. Most native Russian words don’t start with A. There are a few exceptions like “alphabet” and “perhaps.” But other than that, if you see a Russian word that starts with “A,” the chances are that it’s a foreign word imported into the language.