The Russian term "bl ok" matches the English term "pulley"

other russian words that include "ok" : english :
pokupat’, kupit’ acquire
adamovo yabl oko Adam’s apple
advokat advocate
yabl oko apple
aristokratiya aristocracy
aristokrat aristocrat
aristokraticheskij, aristokratichnihj aristocratic
arteriokl eroz arteriosclerosis
v, k, na, okol o, u at
Atl anticheskij okean Atlantic
Atl anticheskij okean Atlantic Ocean
pl okhoj bad
pl okho badly
rebënok bairn
advokat barrister
advokat barrister at law
okol o, u beside
binokl ‘ binoculars
bogokhul ‘stvo blasphemy
bl okada blockade
bel okurihj blond
boksirovat’, bak box
boksër boxer
shirokij broad
pokupat’, kupit’ buy
okol o, u by
besporyadok chaos
rebënok child
pokupatel ‘ client
advokat, sovet counsel
pokupatel ‘ customer
doktor, vrach doctor
za, poka during
vostok east
bazar, bel okurihj fair
bl okha flea
za, poka, iz-za for
vihsokij high
bokovoj incidental
Indijskij okean Indian Ocean
rebënok infant
advokat intercessor
prihgat’, prihgnut’, brosok jump
advokat lawyer
prihgat’, prihgnut’, brosok leap
urok lesson
vihsokij lofty
khodit’, pokhodit’ march
bedstvennihj, pl okhoj, bednihj, bednyatskij miserable
pl okhoj nasty
okol o, u near
okol o, u, bl izko nearby
okol o, u near to
okol o, u next to
vrach, doktor physician
brusok pole
pl okhoj, bednihj, bednyatskij poor
pokupat’, kupit’ purchase
otdihkhat’, otdokhnut’ repose
otdihkhat’, otdokhnut’ rest
brusok rod
botinok shoe
bokovoj, bok side
advokat solicitor
vokzal , stantsiya station
pokupat’, kupit’ take over
vihsokij tall
besporyadok tangle
khodit’, pokhodit’ walk
za, poka whereas
za, poka, vremya while
za, poka whilst
okno window
Even in Space
It is the most widely adopted language in Eurasia. Chinese beats out Russian with the sheer numbers of speakers it has. But Russia has the widest geographical reach. Russian is such an important language that during the Space Race, learning the language became part of Astronaut training. This is still true today as Russian is a language of the International Space Station.
Starts with A
Russian does not have a lot of words that start with “A.” It’s been almost a rule going back to early times. Most native Russian words don’t start with A. There are a few exceptions like “alphabet” and “perhaps.” But other than that, if you see a Russian word that starts with “A,” the chances are that it’s a foreign word imported into the language.