The Russian term "kto-to" matches the English term "someone"

other russian words that include "to" : english :
v, na, kto-to a
akkumul yator accumulator
takzhe, tozhe also
anatomicheskij anatomical
anatom anatomist
anatomiya anatomy
kto-to any
kto-to anybody
apostol apostle
arkhitektor architect
aristokratiya aristocracy
aristokrat aristocrat
aristokraticheskij, aristokratichnihj aristocratic
arest, arestovat’ arrest
budto as if
budto as though
atom atom
atomnaya bomba atom bomb
atomnihj atomic
atomistika atomic theory
auditoriya audience
auditoriya auditory
avtor author
avtoritet authority
avtobus autobus
avtogennihj autogenous
avtomatizirovat’ automate
avtomaticheskij automatic
avtomat automoton
avtonomnihj autonomic
avtonomnihj autonomous
avtonomiya autonomy
baton, bar bar
akkumul yator, batarejka battery
bihtovat’ become
Khertogenbos Bois le Duc
avtobus bus
buton button
avtomashina, avtomobil ‘ car
bihtovat’ come about
beton concrete
avtorskoe pravo copyright
stoit’ cost
stol ovaya dining room
direktor director
anatomirovat’ dissect
doktor, vrach doctor
vostok east
esperanto Esperanto
Estoniya Estonia
tol ‘ko exclusively
arendator farmer
avtoruchka fountain pen
zol otoj, zol oto gold
zol otoj golden
bihtovat’, rasti grow
bihtovat’ happen
istoriya history
sto hundred
budto in a way
nastaivat’, nastoyat’ insist
sud’ya, attestovat’ judge
tol ‘ko just
takzhe, tozhe likewise
mesto location
gruzovoj avtomobil ‘ lorry
administrator, direktor manager
bol oto marsh
mototsikl motorcycle
avtostrada, avtomagistral ‘ motor road
avtostrada, avtomagistral ‘ motorway
nikto neither
nikto nobody
nikto none
nikto no one
bihtovat’ occur
avtobus omnibus
kto-to, odin, odna, odno one
sto one hundred
tol ‘ko, odin only
vrach, doktor physician
mesto, stavit’, postavit’ place
buntovat’, vzbuntovat’sya rebel
arendator renter
buntovat’, vzbuntovat’sya, bunt revolt
amortizator shock absorber
kto-to some
kto-to somebody
kto-to some one
mesto spot
budka, stoyat’, postoyat’ stand
akkumul yator storage battery
istoriya story
l eto summer
bol oto swamp
stol table
arendator tenant
chto, kto, tak that
eto that over there
potom, togda then
eto those
takzhe, tozhe too
gruzovoj avtomobil ‘ truck
chto what
kto which
kto who
avtor writer
Even in Space
It is the most widely adopted language in Eurasia. Chinese beats out Russian with the sheer numbers of speakers it has. But Russia has the widest geographical reach. Russian is such an important language that during the Space Race, learning the language became part of Astronaut training. This is still true today as Russian is a language of the International Space Station.
Starts with A
Russian does not have a lot of words that start with “A.” It’s been almost a rule going back to early times. Most native Russian words don’t start with A. There are a few exceptions like “alphabet” and “perhaps.” But other than that, if you see a Russian word that starts with “A,” the chances are that it’s a foreign word imported into the language.