The Russian term "vkhodit’, vojti, del at’, sdel at’" matches the English term "perform"

other russian words that include "vkhodit’" : english :
vkhodit’, vojti come into
vkhodit’, vojti enter
vkhodit’, vojti go in
other russian words that include "vojti" : english :
vkhodit’, vojti come into
vkhodit’, vojti enter
vkhodit’, vojti go in
other russian words that include "at’" : english :
zhdat’, podozhdat’ abide
zabirat’, zabrat’ abstract
sogl ashat’sya accede
prinimat’ accept
soprovozhdat’ accompany
schitat’, schët, opisanie account
del at’, sdel at’ achieve
pokupat’, kupit’ acquire
akt, del at’, sdel at’ act
adresovat’, adres address
administrirovat’ administer
voskhishchat’sya admire
opyat’ afresh
opyat’ again
sogl ashat’sya agree
opyat’ all over again
puskat’, pustit’ allow
amputirovat’ amputate
anal izirovat’ analyse
opyat’ anew
otvechat’, otvetit’ answer
apel l irovat’ appeal
apel l irovat’ k appeal to
arest, arestovat’ arrest
pribiht’, pribihvat’ arrive
podnimat’sya, podnyat’sya, zabirat’sya v, zabrat’sya v, zabirat’sya na, zabrat’sya na ascend
sprashivat’, sprosit’ ask
asfal ‘tirovat’, asfal ‘t asphalt
atakovat’ assault
atakovat’, ataka attack
poseshchat’, posetit’ attend
avtomatizirovat’ automate
zhdat’, podozhdat’ await
brekhat’ bark
barrikadirovat’, barrikada barricade
bazirovat’ base
znat’ be acquainted with
boyat’sya, poboyat’sya be afraid of
nazihvat’sya, nazvat’sya be called
bihtovat’ become
bl agosl ovl yat’, bl agosl ovit’ bless
zabirat’, zabrat’ board
boksirovat’, bak box
zabirat’, zabrat’ bring along
zanimat’sya busy
pokupat’, kupit’ buy
nazihvat’, nazvat’ call
poseshchat’, posetit’ call on
vihbirat’, vihbrat’ choose
podnimat’sya, podnyat’sya, zabirat’sya v, zabrat’sya v, zabirat’sya na, zabrat’sya na climb
zakrihvat’, zakriht’ close
odevat’, odet’ clothe
sobirat’, sobrat’ collect
bihtovat’ come about
prikaz, prikazihvat’, prikazat’ command
brakovat’ condemn
sogl ashat’sya consent
schitat’, smotret’, posmotret’ consider
schitat’, soschitat’ count
pl akat’, zapl akat’ cry
bal, tantsevat’, potantsevat’, tanets dance
reshat’, reshit’ decide
spuskat’sya, spustit’sya descend
zhel at’, pozhel at’ desire
brakovat’ disapprove
brakovat’ disapprove of
prodavat’, prodat’ dispose of
anatomirovat’ dissect
del at’, sdel at’ do
somnevat’sya, usomnit’sya doubt
odevat’, odet’, odevat’sya, odet’sya dress
brekhat’ drivel
vihbirat’, vihbrat’ elect
pribiht’, pribihvat’ end up
schitat’ esteem
zhdat’, podozhdat’ expect
ferma, arendovat’, snimat’ v arendu, arenda farm
sdavat’ v arendu farm out
boyat’sya, poboyat’sya fear
pyat’ five
bezhat’ flee
pl avat’ float
sobirat’, sobrat’ gather
pribiht’, pribihvat’, brat’, vzyat’, pol uchat’, pol uchit’ get
spuskat’sya, spustit’sya get off
davat’, dat’ give
idti, pojti, ekhat’, poekhat’ go
spuskat’sya, spustit’sya go down
gul yat’, pogul yat’ go for a walk
podnimat’sya, podnyat’sya go up
bihtovat’, rasti grow
bihtovat’ happen
pol uchat’, pol uchit’ have
nadeyat’sya hope
nastaivat’, nastoyat’ insist
sud’ya, attestovat’ judge
prihgat’, prihgnut’, brosok jump
ubivat’, ubit’ kill
znat’ know
znat’ know how
akhat’ lament
brat’, vzyat’ lay hold of
prihgat’, prihgnut’, brosok leap
arendovat’, snimat’ v arendu, arendnihj dogovor lease
puskat’, pustit’ leave
ostavl yat’, ostavit’ leave behind
puskat’, pustit’ let
l ezhat’, pol ezhat’, brekhat’ lie
ubivat’, ubit’ liquidate
sl ushat’, posl ushat’ listen
teryat’, poteryat’ lose
argumentirovat’ maintain
del at’, sdel at’ make
apel l irovat’ k make an appeal to
zapisihvat’, zapisat’ make a note
administrirovat’ manage
devyat’ nine
bil et, zapisihvat’, zapisat’ note
bihtovat’ occur
opyat’ once more
otkrihvat’, otkriht’, otkrihtihj open
otkrihvat’, otkriht’ open up
prikazihvat’, prikazat’, prikaz order
vihbirat’, vihbrat’ pick out
sobirat’, sobrat’, brat’, vzyat’ pick up
igrat’, sihgrat’ play
pokupat’, kupit’ purchase
begat’, bezhat’ race
chitat’, prochitat’ read
ponimat’, ponyat’ realize
buntovat’, vzbuntovat’sya rebel
brakovat’ rebuke
prinimat’, pol uchat’, pol uchit’ receive
l ezhat’, pol ezhat’ recline
uznavat’, uznat’ recognize
schitat’, smotret’, posmotret’ regard
puskat’, pustit’ release
ostavat’sya, ostat’sya remain
otvechat’, otvetit’ reply
otdihkhat’, otdokhnut’ repose
otvechat’, otvetit’ respond
otdihkhat’, otdokhnut’ rest
buntovat’, vzbuntovat’sya, bunt revolt
begat’, bezhat’ run
bezhat’ run away
govorit’, skazat’ say
zabirat’sya v, zabrat’sya v, zabirat’sya na, zabrat’sya na scale
zabirat’, zabrat’ screen
videt’, uvidet’, poseshchat’, posetit’ see
prodavat’, prodat’ sell
posihl at’, posl at’ send
zakrihvat’, zakriht’ shut
ubivat’, ubit’ slay
vesna, prihgat’, prihgnut’ spring
budka, stoyat’, postoyat’ stand
ostavat’sya, ostat’sya stay
ostavat’sya, ostat’sya stay over
gul yat’, pogul yat’ stroll
pl avat’ swim
prinimat’, brat’, vzyat’ take
zabirat’, zabrat’ take along
zabirat’, zabrat’ take away
prinimat’ take in
schitat’ take into account
pokupat’, kupit’ take over
govorit’, skazat’, prikazihvat’, prikazat’ tell
brekhat’ tell a lie
desyat’ ten
dumat’, podumat’ think
bukhat’, bukhnut’ thrash
posihl at’, posl at’ transmit
puteshestvovat’ travel
brekhat’ twaddle
dvadtsat’ twenty
pechatat’, otpechatat’ type
ponimat’, ponyat’ understand
prodavat’, prodat’ vend
poseshchat’, posetit’, poseshchenie visit
akhat’ wail
zabirat’, zabrat’ wainscot
zhdat’, podozhdat’ wait
zhdat’, podozhdat’ wait for
razbudit’, prosihpat’sya wake
razbudit’, prosihpat’sya wake up
pl akat’, zapl akat’ weep
bichevat’, bich whip
zhel at’, pozhel at’, khotet’, zakhotet’ wish
rabotat’, rabota work
zapisihvat’, zapisat’ write down
Even in Space
It is the most widely adopted language in Eurasia. Chinese beats out Russian with the sheer numbers of speakers it has. But Russia has the widest geographical reach. Russian is such an important language that during the Space Race, learning the language became part of Astronaut training. This is still true today as Russian is a language of the International Space Station.
Starts with A
Russian does not have a lot of words that start with “A.” It’s been almost a rule going back to early times. Most native Russian words don’t start with A. There are a few exceptions like “alphabet” and “perhaps.” But other than that, if you see a Russian word that starts with “A,” the chances are that it’s a foreign word imported into the language.