The English term "go" matches the Dutch term "van stapel lopen"

other english words that include "go" : dutch :
govern, command, order aanvoeren
good-natured, affable, pretty, friendly, amusing aardig
goblin, gnome, brownie, imp aardmannetje
octagon achthoek
octagonal achthoekig
vigour activiteit
bye, good-bye, farewell, adieu, goodbye adieu
goodbye afscheids-
agony agonie
agoraphobia agorafobie
algorithm algoritme
analogous analoog
Angola Angola
Angolian Angolees
Ankara, Angora Angora
Ankara, Angora Ankara
archipelago archipel
vigour bedrijvigheid
goblet, chalice beker
guide, administer, direct, govern, manage, steer besturen
goblet, chalice bloemkelk
goat, easel, workbench, tressle bok
Bosnia-Hercegovina Bosnië-Hercegovina
faggot, woodpile brandstapel
Bogor, Buitenzorg Buitenzorg
mayor, burgomaster, provost burgemeester
mayor, provost, burgomaster burgervader
cargo carga
merry-go-round, carousel, carrousel carrousel
category categorie
Chicago Chicago
goods colli
Congo, Zaire Congo
Congolese Congolees
Dagon Dagon
thoroughgoing diepgaand
plan, goal, meaning, intention, purpose doel
purpose, goal doelstelling
goal, purpose doelwit
agony doodsangst
agony doodsstrijd
carrousel, merry-go-round, carousel draaimolen
dragon draak
trigonometry driehoeksmeting
dizziness, vertigo duizeligheid
dizziness, vertigo duizeling
archipelago eilandengroep
gospel evangelie
sound, shall, go, travel gaan
whole, goose, entire gans
goat geit
similar, analogous gelijksoortig
rigorous, stringent gestreng
fragrant, aromatic, good-smelling, nutty geurig
goblin, brownie, gnome gnoom
god godheid, God
OK, okay, estate, O.K., good, well, correct, ranch goed
unimportant, good-hearted, benign goedaardig
goods, cargo goederen
goodness goedheid
good-looking goeduitziend
Gog Gog
gulf, golf golf
gulf, golf golfspel
Golgotha, Calvary Golgotha
Goliath Goliath
gonorrhea gonorroe
Gordian Gordiaans
gorilla gorilla
Gorcum, Gorinchem Gorinchem
Gorcum, Gorinchem Gorkum
Gothenburg Gotenburg
Gothic Gotisch
Gouda Gouda
gold, golden gouden
gold-coloured goudkleurig
goldfish goudvis
stew, goulash goulash
governess gouvernante
province, government gouvernement
thoroughgoing, thoroughly, radically, radical grondig
gold, gulden, golden, guilder gulden
negotiate, trading handeldrijven
act, negotiate, trade handelen
Henegovia Henegouwen
purpose, goal honk
governess huisonderwijzeres
mongoose ichneumon
Chicagoan, Chicagan inwoner van Chicago
gown, robe japon
jargon jargon
synagogue jodenkerk
Yugoslavia Joegoslavië
Yugoslav, Yugoslavian Joegoslavisch
dragonfly juffertje
gown, robe jurk
calabash, gourd kalebas
dressing-gown kamerjas
chalice, goblet kelk
gooseberry klapbes
gossip kletsen
Zaire, Congo Kongo
Congolese Kongolees
gooseberry kruisbes
lagoon kustmeer
slander, gossip kwaadspreken
cargo lading
lagoon lagune
dragonfly libel
go, march, step, flow, tread, walk, pace lopen
Virgo Maagd
Magog Magog
mango manga
mango-tree mangaboom
mangosteen mangisboom
mango mango
mango-tree mangoboom
mongoose mangoest
goblet, chalice miskelk
Mongolia Mongolië
Mongol Mongool
Mongolian Mongools
mongoose mungo
faggot mutsaard
faggot mutserd
godfather naamgever
night-gown, nightie, night-dress nachtjapon
futile, good-for-nothing, useless, vain nutteloos
okay, good okay
okay, good okee
Oligocene Oligoceen
good-for-nothing, useless onbruikbaar
Ostrogoth Oostgoot
pedagogue opvoedkundige
analogous overeenkomend
government overheid
Patagonia Patagonië
pedagogue pedagoog
godfather peet
godfather peetvader
godfather peter
agoraphobia pleinvrees
ragout ragoût
govern regeren
government regering
agoraphobia ruimtevrees
goat sik
waggon spoorwagen
tango stampen
rigour, rigor stijfheid
stringent, strict, severe, tight, rigorous streng
stringent, rigorous strikt
synagogue synagoge
jargon taaltje
tango tango
gown, robe toga
Togo, Togoland Togo
trigonometry trigonometrie
bye, farewell, good-bye, goodbye, adieu vaarwel
Visigoth Visigoot
dragon, aviator vlieger
friendly, affable, good-natured, kind voorkomend
friendly, good-natured, pretty, kind, affable vriendelijk
waggon wagon
dragonfly waterjuffer
good-smelling welriekend
Visigoth Westgoot
rigorous, stringent wettisch
purpose, goal, white, blank wit
negotiate zaken doen
Yugoslavia Zuid-Slavië
merry-go-round, carrousel, carousel zweefmolen
Dutch as an Influencer
The English language has much to thank Dutch for. Dutch settlers came to the American colonies during the 17th century and added a few words to the vocabulary. Words like Santa Claus, waffle, blink, cookie, bazooka, gin, and iceberg wouldn’t exist without it.
Learning Dutch is Easier for English Speakers
Given the influence Dutch has had on English, it makes sense that Dutch is easier for speakers to learn. This is in part because Dutch, German, and English have similar roots. It’s between English and German. It only has two definite articles, “de” and “het” to English’s one “the” and German’s “der”, “die”, “das”. But Dutch words are more difficult to pronounce. The way words are pronounced indicates to a native speaker whether they’re talking to a second-language speaker.
Dutch is a Melting Pot of Languages
Just as English owes a lot to Dutch for contributing to its vocabulary, Dutch owes the same to other languages. It picked up words like jus d’orange (orange juice) and pantalon from French, mazzel (lucky) and tof (cool) from Hebrew and others. Dutch also incorporates texting and social media slang from English as well as street slang from places like Morocco, the Antilles, and Suriname.