The English term "tender form" matches the Swedish term "anbudsformulär"

other english words that include "form" : swedish :
bacciform bärformig
be good form höra till god ton
conform anpassa
conform to rätta sig efter
conformity likhet
cunieform kilskrift
deform vanställa
deformed vanskapt
dos-format dos format
form form, formulär, gestalt, blankett, dana, bilda
formable formbar
formal formell
formalities formaliteter
formality formalitet
formally formellt
format formatera, format
formation gruppering, bildning
formats format
formatted formaterad
formatting formaterande
former förre
formerly förr i tiden, fordom, förr
formidable fruktansvärd
forming formande, forma
formless formlös
formlessly formlöst
forms formulär
formula recept, formel
formulae formler
formulate utforma, formulera
formwork formarbete
gas-formation gas-bildning
inform meddela, up, delgiva, informera, underrätta, ange
inform of informera om
informal utan formaliteter, anspråkslös
informant sagesman
information information, underrättelse, upplysning
informative informativ
informed informerad
informer angivare, anmälare
perform utföra, uppföra, uppfylla, uppträda, förrätta
performance uppträdande, föreställning
performances uppträdanden
performed utförde
performing utför
performs utför, uppträder
platform läktare, kateder, plattform
plattform tribun
preform prestera
reform reform, reformera
reformatory uppfostringsanstalt
reformed Church - the reformerta kyrkan
reformer reformator
registration form anmälningsblankett
second-hand information andrahandsuppgift
transform förvandla, förändra
transformer transformator
transforming förvandlar
uniform enhetlig, likformig, uniform
uniformed uniformerad
An Understandable Neighbor
Anyone who speaks Swedish or travels there quickly finds out that Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian languages are mutually understood between speakers. So learning Swedish is beneficial for anyone who has a goal of being multi-lingual.
Say Thank You
There is no real word for please in Swedish. The closest word is “Tack” which means “Thank you” but the word please doesn’t translate into Swedish. Saying “tack” in a respectful tone is the best way to solve this dilemma. Swedish also has a smaller vocabulary compared to other languages in part because of its concentrated population of speakers.
Articles After Nouns
One of the most difficult things to learn in a new language is figuring out which article goes with the noun. In Swedish the article comes after the noun. So “the dog” becomes “hund” and “en” or “hunden” making the process a little easier to remember.