The English term "tired, frosted, mat" matches the Dutch term "mat"

other english words that include "tired" : dutch :
retired gepensioneerd
retired in ruste
tired moe
retired rustend
tired vermoeid
other english words that include "frosted" : dutch :
frosted mat-
other english words that include "mat" : dutch :
wheezy, asthmatic aamborstig
matter, affair, business, case, concern aangelegenheid
confirmation, acceptance, adoption aanneming
acclamation, approval acclamatie
acclimate, acclimatize acclimatiseren
acclimatization acclimatisering
affair, case, matter, business affaire
amateur, dilettante, dabbler, fancier amateur
anthology, chrestomathy antologie
nutty, aromatic, fragrant aromatisch
asthmatic, wheezy astmatisch
automatic automatisch
appraise, estimate begroten
ripe, mature belegen
approximate benaderen
inspire, animate bezielen
mature, ripe bezonken
approval, acclamation bijval
chrestomathy, anthology bloemlezing
approximately circa
cremation crematie
cremate cremeren
Dalmatia Dalmatië
Dalmatian Dalmatiër
statement, proclamation, declaration declaratie
dabbler, fancier, amateur, dilettante dilettant
matter, object, affair, thing, business, case ding
diplomat diplomaat
marriage, really, authentic, genuinely, matrimony echt
matrimony, marriage echtverbintenis
approximately een stuk of
finally, ultimately eindelijk
fragrant, aromatic, good-smelling, nutty geurig
homy, intimate gezellig
matrix gietvorm
Reformation Hervorming
marriage, matrimony huwelijk
information informatie
sincere, intimate, cordial, hearty innig
matron intendante
intimate intiem
climate klimaat
climatic klimaats-
intimate knus
amateur, fancier knutseaar
match-maker koppelaarster
match-make koppelen
asthmatic, wheezy kortademig
immaterial, lukewarm, dispassionately, indifferent lauw
cremation lijkverbranding
match lucifer
materialise, materialize materialiseren
material, data materieel
mathematics mathematica
mathematician mathematicus
mathematical mathematisch
mattress matras
matrix matrijs
matrix matrix
matzo matse
Matterhorn Matterhorn
melodramatic melodramatisch
numismatist muntkenner
numismatics muntkunde
myxomatosis myxomatose
numismatics numismatiek
underestimate onderschatten
underestimate onderwaarderen
around, approximately ongeveer
inflammation, ignition ontsteking
immaterial, indifferent onverschillig
inflammatory opruiend
overestimate overschatten
overestimate overwaarderen
matzo paasbrood
mate paren
numismatist penningkundige
ultimately, finally per saldo
Reformation Reformatie
rheumatism reumatiek
ripe, mature rijp
mat schaakmat
estimate, appraise schatten
material stoffelijk
Sumatra Sumatra
systematic systematisch
estimate, appraise taxeren
ultimately, finally ten slotte
acclamation, approval toejuiching
tomato tomaat
tomato-soup tomatensoep
ultimatum ultimatum
incinerate, cremate verassen
cremation verassing
proclamation, declaration verklaring
animate verlevendigen
materialize, materialise verstoffelijken
confirmation vormsel
appraise, estimate, appreciate waarderen
automatic, mechanical werktuiglijk
mathematics wiskunde
mathematical wiskundig
mathematician wiskundige
boutique, business, affair, shop, case, matter zaak
automatic zelfwerkend
Dutch as an Influencer
The English language has much to thank Dutch for. Dutch settlers came to the American colonies during the 17th century and added a few words to the vocabulary. Words like Santa Claus, waffle, blink, cookie, bazooka, gin, and iceberg wouldn’t exist without it.
Learning Dutch is Easier for English Speakers
Given the influence Dutch has had on English, it makes sense that Dutch is easier for speakers to learn. This is in part because Dutch, German, and English have similar roots. It’s between English and German. It only has two definite articles, “de” and “het” to English’s one “the” and German’s “der”, “die”, “das”. But Dutch words are more difficult to pronounce. The way words are pronounced indicates to a native speaker whether they’re talking to a second-language speaker.
Dutch is a Melting Pot of Languages
Just as English owes a lot to Dutch for contributing to its vocabulary, Dutch owes the same to other languages. It picked up words like jus d’orange (orange juice) and pantalon from French, mazzel (lucky) and tof (cool) from Hebrew and others. Dutch also incorporates texting and social media slang from English as well as street slang from places like Morocco, the Antilles, and Suriname.