The Tokpisin term "ba" matches the English term "bar"

other tokpisin words that include "ba" : english :
nabaut (long) about (a place) (round)
birua, tupela i bam, bagarap accident
balus aeroplane, airplane
mel long balus air mail
balus airplane, aeroplane
ples balus, epot airport
hambak annoy
hambakman, sikibaga annoying person
nabaut around
supia bilong banara arrow
supsup bilong banara arrow, pronged
haus tambaran art gallery
baksait; bek back
baksait back (rear)
banana banana
wasim, baptaisim baptize
baman barman, bartender
basket basket
bateri battery
nambawan best
Baibel Bible
banara bow
banaras bows and arrows
rop bilong banara bowstring
banis bilong susu brassiere, bra
bagarap break down
abababa bubble gum
bamim bump
bas, PMV bus
bata butter
baten button
baim buy
baksait bilong lek calf of leg
baim bas catch a bus
kai bar, kaibar cheap takeaway food bar
hambakman, sikibaga cheeky person
payback compensation paid for a wrongdoing, but in reprisal more than revenge
ples wokabaut insait long haus corridor, hallway
boskru bilong balus/sip crew of plane/ship
kukamba cucumber
Desemba December
trench - baret drain, trench
banisim enclose
banis fence
banisim fence in
namba wan first
nambawan first rate
ranim balus fly a plane
kikbal football
tok baksait gossip about
sambai long guard (vb
smokbalus jet plane
wokabaut journey
namba label
doba leaf
kambang lime juice, lemon drink
stik kambang lime, lemon
lesbaga loafer, lazy man
liklik bas minibus
motobaik motor-bike
baksait bilong nek nape of neck
Novemba November
hambakman nuisance
namba number
Oktoba October
balm, peim pay (vb)
baim rum gat pay bail
baim pay for
ples wokabaut pedestrian crossing
balus pigeon
bagi red shell necklace used for trade in the kula ring islands
baim rent
banis ribs
namba tu second
Septemba September
haus tambaran spirit house
bagarapim spoil
hambakim tease
namba ten tenth
nambaten terrible, tenth rate
namba tri third
brus, tabak, stik tabak, tobako tobacco
banana boat trade boat or dinghy
wokabaut travel
wanwokabaut traveling companion
baret trench, drain
wokabaut trip, tour
bautim turn (boat)
namba wan very good
wokabaut long sip voyage (n)
wokabaut walk (vb)
banis wall
bai will
bagarap worn out
nambawan nogut worst
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