The Tokpisin term "kain singsing na danis" matches the English term "opera"

other tokpisin words that include "na" : english :
nabaut (long) about (a place) (round)
namel long among
tumbuna ancestors
na and
katim maritnarakain annul a marriage
narakain another one (different)
narapela another one (more)
sanap long kot appear in court
buai, bilinat, bitolnat areca nut
sangana armpit
nabaut around
supia bilong banara arrow
supsup bilong banara arrow, pronged
samting tumbuna art
i na slip awake
banana banana
nambis beach
nais beautiful
nambawan best
buai , bilinat, bitolnat betelnut
dinau borrow
ananit bottom
banara bow
banaras bows and arrows
rop bilong banara bowstring
brukim namel break in halves, divide in two
skweamit, pokona bullybeef
busnaip bush knife
buskanaka bush villager
inap; ken can, could
nambis coast (n)
man bilong nambis coastal man
kokonas coconut
susu o gris bilong kokonas coconut cream
wara bilong kokonas coconut milk, coconut water
sel bilong kokonas coconut shell
kona corner
planti man na meri crowd
biknait dead of night
dinau debt
narakain, narapela kain different
wanpela narapela each other
ples nating, ples klia empty space
inap enough
nait evening (late)
tasol i na gat except
pelim, no inap mekim fail
ples kunai field
namba wan first
nambawan first rate
nating for no reason
fotnait fortnight
kirap, sanap get up
natnat gnat
gut nait good night
tumbuna grandparent(s)
ples kunai grassy patch
em nau! great! fantastic!; literally 'him now!'
sangana groin
stret nau immediately
namel long in the middle of
kanaka indigenous person
binatang insect
kina kina (monetary unit 100 toea)
naip knife
namba label
limonad, muliwara, loliwara lemonade
menaga manager
ailan Manam Manam Island
namel middle
biknait midnight
missinari, misinari missionary
misinare missionary
natnat, moskito mosquito
taunam mosquito net
haus bilong tumbuna pasin museum
napkin napkin
ples kanaka native village
naispela nice, attractive
nait night
nain, nainpela nine
nainti, nainpela ten ninety
naintifaiv ninety-five
nating, not, siro nought
nau now
namba number
nat nut (of bolt)
nating ordinary
narapela other
gat dinau owe
kina oyster
skin bilong kina oyster shell
potnait pay week
ating, nating perhaps
ananas, painap pineapple
nais pretty
praut (provisional) proud
bilong olgeta man na meri public
ranawe, ronwe run away
sol na pepa salt and pepper
sikirapim kokonas scrape coconut
nambis seaside
namba tu second
kina shell
ananit bilong lek sole of foot
echidna spiny anteater
sanap stand up, be erect
sanapim stand up, erect (something)
strena strainer
kunai sword grass
namba ten tenth
nambaten terrible, tenth rate
bun nating thin
namba tri third
long namel long through
tunait tonight
banana boat trade boat or dinghy
tok bilong ol tumbuna tradition of ancestors
i no naispela ugly
no inap unable to
ananit under, underneath
stap nating unemployed
inap long until
inap long up to, until
namba wan very good
wet nating wait in vain
nais tumas wonderful
nambawan nogut worst
siro, nating, not zero
other tokpisin words that include "danis" : english :
danis dance (modern style)
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