The English term "it would be better if" matches the Tokpisin term "mobeta sapos"

other english words that include "it" : tokpisin :
acquitted winim kot
air conditioner win masin
angry with, be krosim
armpit sangana
biscuit bisket
bite kaikaim
bite off brukim/katim lo
bitter, strong em i pait
breadfruit kapiak
case, suitcases kes, sutkes, bokis
cassowary (New Britain); see also Muruk benetii
city biktaun
competition resis
converse with toktok wantaim
cooking pit, ground oven mumu
courting ceremony involving crossing legs with a partner; literally 'carry leg' (Highlands) karim leg
cut grass with sarip saripim
dry biscuit draibisket
either/or ating
electricity elektrik, elektrisiti, pawa
excite sikrapim bel bilong
exhibition so
exit (n) dua i go ausait
female genitals bokis, kan, sem bilong meri
fruit pikinini bilong diwai; prut
genitals bokis, kan, sem (bilong meri) ; bol, kok (bilong man)
great! fantastic!; literally 'him now!' em nau!
have sexual intercourse with a woman hevim seks, wantaim meri, pilai wantaim meri, sutim meri, goapim meri, paulim meri
hit paitim
hospital haus sik
hostility pasin binua
humility daunpasin
hypocrite tubel, tumaus, man i gat tupela maus
illegitimate child pikinini bilong rot
imitate bihainim
isn't it? laka?
it em
kina (monetary unit 100 toea) kina
kitchen haus kuk, hauskuk, kisen
litre lita
little liklik
means, (it) i min
mosquito natnat, moskito
mosquito net taunam
nomadic tribe from East New Britain province Mokolkols
opposite arasait
other side, opposite side arasait
pandanus fruit marita
permit (vb) larim
permit, license pemit
pity, mercy marimari
play guitar, piano pilaim gita, piano
politician politisen
prohibit tambuim
quantity hamas
quite (long) liklik
raining, it is ren i kamdaun or pundaun
raise with block and tackle blokim
ritual costume representing a spirit dukduk
semitrailer semitrela
shoot at/with sut long
sit, sit down sindaun
skite, con man bulsitman
slitgong garamut
sore has pus in it sua i gat susu
spirit masalai
spirit house haus tambaran
spit, spittle spet
stubborn, conceited bikhet
suitcase paus
summit antap
sweet biscuit switbiskit
toea (monetary unit 1/100 Kina) toea
tradition of ancestors tok bilong ol tumbuna
tribe which inhabits East New Britain's Gazelle Peninsula Tolai
typewriter taipraita
unite bung wantaim
university yunivesiti, univesiti
utility hapka
visit go lukim
vomit traut
wait for wetim
wait in vain wet nating
waiter weta
wheel (with tyre on) wil , taia
white wait, waitpela
white adult male (term originated in colonial times) masta
white man, European waitman
with wantaim
write raitim
other english words that include "be" : tokpisin :
ambiguous (be) karamapim tok
angry with, be krosim
arrow or spear, barbed supia I gat huk
barbecue kukim long paia
barbecue sauce blakpela sos
be better than winim
be in a place stap
beach nambis
beads bis
beans bin, ol bin
beard gras usket, mausgras
beat, beat up paitim
beaten dark cloth tapa
beautiful nais
because bilong wanem, long wanem, bikos
because of long
become kamap
bed bet
bedroom rum slip
beef bulmakau, kau, abus bulmakau
beer bia
before bipo
before (time) bipo long taim
begin kirapim
behave oneself stap isi , stap gut
behaviour, manner pasin
behind bihain long
believe bilip, bilipim
bell belo
belly bel
belt let, paspas bilong bel
bend (something) krungutim
beside arere long
best nambawan
betel pepper daka
betelnut buai , bilinat, bitolnat
better mobeta
boiling, be boil
bulb, light globe kiau
bullybeef skweamit, pokona
bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside arse tanket
bunch of tanket leaves stuck into a belt to cover a man's backside (Highlands) arse gras
careful of, be lukaut long
church members Ekelesia
control, be in charge of bosim
corned beef solmit, mit
covet, be jealous of mangalim
cucumber kukamba
day before yesterday hapasde
December Desemba
disobey sakim tok
fan belt let bilong karapela
fasten seatbelt pasim let
get someone up from bed kirapim
globe, bulb golo, lam
inner tube gumi
label namba
late (behind time) later bihaintaim or taim i lus
leave behind larim
next to, beside arere
nomadic tribe from East New Britain province Mokolkols
November Novemba
number namba
October Oktoba
remember holim long tingting or no lusim tingting
ring the bell paitim belo
September Septemba
sleep, be asleep slip
stand up, be erect sanap
stomach band, belt paspas bilong bel
stringy silverbeet-like vegetable haibica
strip a bed brukim bet
to be called or named ol i kolim
tribe which inhabits East New Britain's Gazelle Peninsula Tolai
vague, be tok karamapim tok
valve stem on inner tube maus bilong gumi
wood (timber) diwai
other english words that include "better" : tokpisin :
be better than winim
better mobeta
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