The English term "light the lamp" matches the Tokpisin term "ston masis"

other english words that include "the" : tokpisin :
another one (different) narakain
another one (more) narapela
bathe waswas
break the law brukim lo
breathe pulim win
brothel haus pamuk
brother brada
brother brata
brothers and sisters bratasusa
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Enga) tee
ceremony surrounding the giving away of goods to display one's wealth (Highlands) moga
change money (from one currency to another) tanim mani
clear the table klirim tebol
clothes klos
courting ceremony involving rubbing faces together turnim het
dead person, the dead daiman
decorated armlets made from cone shells used for trade in the Kula Ring islands mwala
disturb the peace brukim sindaun
each other wanpela narapela
early colonial lingua franca, derived from the Motu language Police Motu
either/or ating
father papa
feather gras bilong pisin
feather draped ceremonial body mask tumbuan
fold paper/clothes brukim pepa/klos
heathen hiden
in the middle of namel long
indigenous people of the Port Moresby area; language spoken by these people; one of the three nation motu
laundry (clothes) klos was
leather shoes su let
Lutheran luteran
mother mama, mami
now and then wanpela wanpela taim
other narapela
other side, opposite side arasait
over-there hap, long hap
practice of making totemic figures (also called malangans) to honor the dead malangan, malagan
press (clothes) ainim
rather liklik
red shell necklace used for trade in the kula ring islands bagi
release the brake legoim brek
ring the bell paitim belo
set the table stretim, lainim tebol
speak the truth tok tru
the accused man i gat kot
theatre haus piksa
theft stil
their bilong ol
then (at that time) dispela taim
there long hap
there is i gat
they ol
together wantaim
wash, bathe waswas
weather (n) taim
other english words that include "lamp" : tokpisin :
lamp lam
pressure lamp lam bensin
torch, headlamps sutlam