The English term "me" matches the Tokpisin term "mi"

other english words that include "me" : tokpisin :
accuse (someone) sutim long tok
advertisement toksave
aerogramme leta pas
agreement wanbel
apartment rum
become kamap
before (time) bipo long taim
bend (something) krungutim
boil (something) boilim
build (something) wokim
busy (doing something) wok long
call (something or someone) singautim
camera kamera
cement simen
centimetre sentimita
church members Ekelesia
come kam
come back kambek, kam bek
come out kamaut
come quickly kam hariap
come up kamap
commercial bilong bisnis
cover, lid of something tuptup
crumple (something) krungutim
daytime taim long san
do something regularly save
extremely tumas, mo, tru
farmer man bilong wokim gaden
film (camera) pilum
former bipo
formerly bipo
free time taim bilong malolo, wiken
Free West Papua movement OPM, Organisasi Papua Merdeka
game, meat abus
garden house, summer house haus win
get someone up from bed kirapim
government gavman
government officer kiap
hammer hama, hamarim
hang (something) up hangamapim
helmet hat ain
home haus, long haus
home town, my asples bilong mi
hot season (summer) taim bilong san
House of Parliament Haus Palamen
immediately stret nau
kilometer kilomita
know (someone/something) save long
know how to (do something) save mekim/wokim
late (behind time) later bihaintaim or taim i lus
lay (something) down slipim
like (doing something) klaut i lait
lime (powder) muli
lime juice, lemon drink kambang
lime spatula laikim
lime, lemon stik kambang
long (time), long ago longpela taim
lucky (card game) laki
meal kaikai
meal time taim bilong kaikai
mean min
means, (it) i min
measure (vb) makim
meat abus
mechanic mekenik
medical assistant, doctor dokta
medicine marasin
meet bungim, painim
meeting kibung, kivung, miting
melon melen
men & women manmeri , pipel
menstruating mun i kilim, i lukim meri
menu pas bilong ol kaikai
message tok
messmate wansospen, wantebol
metre mita
millimetre milimita
moment minit
monument makim
movie camera kamera piksa
name nem
namesake wannem
oil (something) welim, grisim
ointment gris
overcome daunim
parliament palamen
perfume sanda
person from same village wanples
person of same (age, social) group wanlain
person of same religion wanlotu
pity, mercy marimari
Prime Minister Prai Minista
quotation, statement hap tok
remember holim long tingting or no lusim tingting
ritual costume representing a spirit dukduk
saltmeat mit, solmit
same wankain
say (your) name kolim nem (bilong yu)
seat of government asples bilong gavman
second (time) sekon
shame sem
sharp (of time), exactly stret
sheet metal kapa
since (time) bihain long
some sampela
somebody wanpela man no meri
something wanpela samting
sometimes sampela taim
somewhere long sampela hap
spear (Something spirim
stand up, erect (something) sanapim
station (government) stesin
then (at that time) dispela taim
time taim
timetable taimtebol
tinned meat tinmit
to be called or named ol i kolim
toilet (men) haus pekpek man
toilet (women) haus pekpek meri
white adult male (term originated in colonial times) masta

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