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hair gras, gras bilong het
haircut katim gras
hairdresser man i save katim gras bilong het
half hap
half past seven hap pas seven
half-caste hapkas
halve hapim
ham lek bilong pik
hammer hama, hamarim
hand han
handbag hanpaus
handkerchief hankisip
hang (something) up hangamapim
happy amamas, hamamas
harbour (n) pasis
hard hat, hatpela; strong, strongpela
harlot pamuk meri
harvest (sweet potato) kamautim (kaukau)
hat hat
hate no laikim tru, hetim
hatred pasin birua
have gat
have a cold kus
have an accident kisim asua, birua
have sexual intercourse with a woman hevim seks, wantaim meri, pilai wantaim meri, sutim meri, goapim meri, paulim meri
he em
head het
headache het i pen
heal (of sore) drai
hear harim
heart klok, kilok, pam, hat
heat hotim
heathen hiden
heaven heven
heavy hevi
height longpela bilong em
hell hel
hello halo
helmet hat ain
help halivim, helpim
her bilong em
here hia
hide hide
high antap
high school haiskul
high tide haiwara
highlands hallans, hailens
highway haiwe
hill maunten
hind leg (of Pig) lek (bilong pik)
his bilong em
hit paitim
hoarse nek i pas
hoist, lift up haisapim, apim, winsim
hold holim
holy tambu, holi
home haus, long haus
home town, my asples bilong mi
honest stret, stretpela
honey hani
hook huk
hope hop
horn hon
hornbill bird kokomo
horse hos
hospital haus sik
host bos bilong haus
hostess hostes, e hostes
hostility pasin binua
hot hat, hot, hotpela
hot hat
hot season (summer) taim bilong san
hotel hotel
hour aua
house haus
House of Parliament Haus Palamen
house/flat mate wanhaus
how hau
how olsem wanem
how much/many hamas
how old are you? hamas krismas yu gat?
however tasol
humility daunpasin
hundred wan handet
hungry hangre
hurry, hurry up hariap
hurt pen
husband maritman
hut haus
hypocrite tubel, tumaus, man i gat tupela maus
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