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fable, myth tok bilong bipo yet
face pes, pes olgeta
fact, in em i tru
fail pelim, no inap mekim
fall down pundaun
false giaman
family lain, famili
famous i gat biknem
fan brum bilong winim pes
fan belt let bilong karapela
far longwe
far side arasait
fare fe
farmer man bilong wokim gaden
fast kwik
fasten pasim
fasten seatbelt pasim let
fat gris
fat (for greasing body) , oil fatwel
fat, large traipela, patpela
father papa
fault asua; rong
fax kwik piksa leta
feather gras bilong pisin
feather draped ceremonial body mask tumbuan
February Februeri
feel filim, pilim
fell a tree katim diwai i pundaun
fellow worker wanwok
female meri
female genitals bokis, kan, sem bilong meri
fence banis
fence in banisim
festered (stinking) wound sua i sting
festival singsing
fetch kisim . . . i kam
fever skin i hat; fiva
few wan wan or lik lik
field ples kunai
fifty-five fiftifaiv
fig tree pikus tri
fight (vb) pait
file fail
fill pulapim
film (camera) pilum
film (movie show) piksa
filter pilta
fin of fish pul bilong pis
finally pinis tru
find painim pinis
find out painim aut
finery bilas
finger pinga
fingernail kapa bilong pinga
finish pinis, pinisim
fire paia
firewood paiawut
first namba wan
first rate nambawan
first, firstly pastaim
fish pis
fish spear supsup
five faiv, faipela
fix fiksim, piksim
fix up oraitim
flat stret
flat (of battery) kol pinis
flat (tyre/tire) taia i plat
flatter tok grisim
flatulate, fart piak, kapupu
flies (bird) plai
floor plua, purpur
flour plaua
flower plaua
fly (insect) lang
fly (vb) plai
fly a plane ranim balus
flying fox blakbokis
fog sno
fold paper/clothes brukim pepa/klos
follow bihainim
food kaikai
foot lek, fut
football kikbal
footprint mak bilong fut
for long
for no reason nating
forbidden i tambu
forbidden place ples tambu
forearm, lower arm han tambolo, han daunbilo
foreign bilong longwe ples
foreleg (of pig)) han (bilong pik)
forest bus
forget lusim, lusim tingting
forget about, ignore maski
forgive lusim, lusim tingting long
fork pok
former bipo
formerly bipo
fornicate sikrapim bel bilong
fortnight fotnait
forwards poret
found, establish kirapim
four fo, foa, fopela
four-wheel drive fowil draiv
fowl kakaruk
fracture, broken bone bun i bruk
free (vacant) i no gat man o meri
free time taim bilong malolo, wiken
Free West Papua movement OPM, Organisasi Papua Merdeka
fresh nupela
Friday Fraide
fried i bin praim
fried rice prairais
friend poro, poroman, pren, wantok
frightened pret
frog rokrok
from bilong
frond panggal
front fran
front of, in ai bilong
frontier arere bilong kantri
frosted glass grileglas
frozen i ais pinis
fruit pikinini bilong diwai; prut
fry praim
frying pan praipan
full moon raunpela mun, bikpela mun
full, full up pulap
funnyman, clown paniman
fur gras
fur (of dog) gras bilong dok
fuzz, fine hair mosong
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