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wages pe
wait for wetim
wait in vain wet nating
waiter weta
walk (vb) wokabaut
wall banis
wallaby sikau
wanderer welman, dripman
want laik
war pait
warrior man bilong pait
was bin
wash wasim
wash, bathe waswas
washbasin dis bilong waswas
washer (on bolt) ring
waste westim
watch (n) hanwas, klok
water wara
water pipe mambu bilong wara
way, choice rot
we mipela
we (three excl) mitripela
we (three incl) yumitripela
we (two excl) mitupela
we (two incl yumitupela
weary les, skin i les/slek, bun i slek
weather (n) taim
Wednesday Trinde
weed klinim gaden, tekimaut gras nogut
weed found in many waterways salvinia
weed(s) gras nogut
week wik
weekend wiken
weigh skel
weight out skelim
well (adv) gut
well (health) i stap gut
west wes
wet i gat wara, wet
wet season taim bilong ren
wharf bris
what wanem
what are you doing? yu mekim wanem?
what for? bilong wanem?
wheel (with tyre on) wil , taia
when wataim or wanem taim
where we, westap
which wanem
white wait, waitpela
white adult male (term originated in colonial times) masta
white man, European waitman
who husat
whose bilong husat
why bilong wanem, wasmara, watpo
wide brait
wife meri
wild wel, welpela, wail, wailpela
wild black palm wel limbum
wild pig wel pik
wild sugarcane tiktik
will bai
win winim
wind win
wind up a window wokim glas i go antap
window windo
windpipe mambu bilong nek
windscreen winskrin
windscreen wipers waipa
wine wain
wing han bilong pisin
wink brukim ai
wireless wailis
wisdom savetingting
with wantaim
woman meri
woman's purpur, sket
woman, wife (European) misis
wonder tingim . . .
wonderful nais tumas
wood (timber) diwai
wool gras bilong sipsip
word tok
work for board and keep wok kaikai
work hard hatwok
work, job wok
workday de bilong wok
worker, workman wokman
workshop woksop
world graun
worn out bagarap
worry, worries wari
worse moa nogut
worship (God) lotuim, beten
worst nambawan nogut
worth kastim
wound sua
wound heals sua i drai
wreck spoilim
write raitim
wrong kranki
wrong, offend rongim
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