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race (contest) resis
radiator redieita
radio wailis
railway tren
rain ren
rainbow renbo
raincoat kotren, kot ren
raining, it is ren i kamdaun or pundaun
rainy season taim bilong ren
raise money kamapim mani
raise with block and tackle blokim
raise, increase apim (pe)
rape pulim, goapim
raskol, rascal raskol
rat rat
rather liklik
rattle ratol
razor resa
read ridim, ritim
reader rida
ready redi
really tru
receipt risit
receive kisim
record (n) rekot
record (vb) a song katim singsing long teprikoda
red ret, retpela
red shell necklace used for trade in the kula ring islands bagi
reeds tiktik
reef rip
refrigerator bokis ais
register (letter) rejistarim pas
regret belhevi
release the brake legoim brek
religion, worship lotu
remember holim long tingting or no lusim tingting
rent baim
repair (vb) wokim gut
repeat mekim gen
replete pulap
reply bekim tok
report givim stori, ripotim
research rises
rest malolo
result ansa
return go bek, kambek, kam bek
ribs banis
rice rais
rich i gat planti samting
ridicule tok bilas
rifle raifol, gan
right (hand) raithan, han sut
ring (n) ring
ring of trading islands in Milne Bay province Kula Ring
ring the bell paitim belo
ringworm grile, skin pukpuk
ripe mau
rise go antap
ritual costume representing a spirit dukduk
river wara
road rot
roast i bin kukim long paia
roll a smoke tanim smok
rolls of shell money strung on lengths of cane loloi
room rum
round raun
row, paddle pul long kanu
rubbish pipia, rabis
rubbish tin tin pipia
rum ram
rumour tokwin
run ran, ron
run away ranawe, ronwe
rust ros
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