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daddy papa
dance (modern style) danis
dance and/or sing singsing
dangerous place ples nogut, i gat samting nogut
dark (colour) tudak
dark (no light) tudak
darkness tudak
dates prut det
daughter pikinini meri (bilong em)
day de
day after tomorrow haptumora
day before yesterday hapasde
day off de bilong malolo
daytime taim long san
dead i dai pinis
dead of night biknait
dead person, the dead daiman
deaf yaupas
dear (expensive) dia
debt dinau
deceive karamapim tok
deceiver kusaiman, man bilong karamapim tok
December Desemba
decide pasim tingting
decorate bilasim
decorated armlets made from cone shells used for trade in the Kula Ring islands mwala
decoration bilas
deep godaun tru
defecate pekpek
demand (vb) singaut long
denigrate, make fun of rabisim
dense bush bikbus
dentist dentis, dokta bilong tit, dokta lukautim tit
desert (n) ples wesan
desert (vb) lusim
dessert switpela kaikai
develop kamapim
devil dewel
devil satan, setan
dialect nek
diamond daimen
diarrhea pekpek wara
dictionary buk bilong painim mining
did bin
die dai pinis
different narakain, narapela kain
difficult i hatwok
difficulty asua, hevi
dig digim
digestive system rot bilong kaikai
dinner kaikai long belo
direction i makim rot
dirty doti
disciple disaipel
disciples lain bilong Jisas
discover painimautim
dish dis
dish cloth hap laplap bilong wasim plet
dish up, serve food sutim kaikai
disobey sakim tok
dispute tok pait
district distrik
disturb the peace brukim sindaun
divorce katim marit
dizzy ai i raun
do mekim
do something regularly save
doctor dokta
dog dok
don't! nogat!
door dua
double dabolim
doubt tubel
down daun, tamblo, tambolo
drain, trench trench - baret
draw on a smoke pulim smok
dress (vb. as in a wound) klinim sua
dress (woman,s) klos meri
drilling machine boamasin
drink (n) dring
drink (vb) dringim
dripping gris bilong bulmakau
drive (vb) draivim
driver draiva
drum kundu, garamut
drunk spak
drunkard spakman
dry drai, draipela
dry biscuit draibisket
dry season taim bilong san
duck pato
dumb mauspas
during long taim bilong
dust das
dusty i gat dus
duty (obligation) wok
dysentery pekpek blut
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